A Chess Game with Fleets

This week saw an amazing amount of content in and around New Eden, proving all those mouthbreathers wrong who called EVE dead years ago.  Vast navies clashed in tightly choreographed fights, supply chain and logistics operations burned through the night and restocked the armories while the propaganda teams flooded the metaverse with incendiary posters.   It was all out “war” as much as it can be done in a computer game in 2016 and I truly hope that I will retain my memories of this day so I may compare it to an equivalent fight in 2036.  (lets hope TiDi is fixed by then)

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Big Boy Ships

So, I mentioned before that our mercenary outfit is deployed somewhere and is shooting at ships that appear red on my overview.  Thats about the level on intel I have but unless you – dear, smart and handsome reader – live under an asteroid, you know that a multitude of parties are currently fighting the big, bad wolf called the CFC or Imperium or (goons + pets) or – if you are Gevlon and for your sake, I truly hope you are not – Emporium.

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Scout forward

Both avid readers of this blog know that my EVE activity is more like punctuated equilibrium than steady evolutionary progress, i.e. my characters have long periods of stasis followed by sudden (and generally quite violent) bursts.  The reason is simple, I travel for work and can’t be bothered to carry a second (private) laptop – my corporate laptop is so full of IT-sanctioned spyware that I swear it logs my keystrokes, Snowcrash-style and I expect to be hauled in front of a committee if my “sent mails / hour” ratio drops below 45 at 11 pm.

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A good trade

I had not scratched my PvP itch in a while and when I found myself last night with time to spare, I decided to check out the open roams that Spectre Fleet community offers.  And luckily, a Frigate Roam was announced to start shortly with starting point in Ostingele – aimed to roam through the nearby nullsec.  Shield frigates, eh?  Turns out I have multiple Tristans and Atrons but nothing shield.  My alt had a few Merlins from RvB days but they were still rocket-fit and far, far away.  But no matter, Frigates are cheap and a quick trip to Dodixie later, I found myself in possession of a throw-away Merlin, fully insured.  I had no illusion that it would survive the first encounter.

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The Vikings are back

Well, here we are – CCP announced changes to long distance travel in low and nullsec space. The overall intent was to create more activity in nullsec and whether that cunning plan will work or not shall be seen.  A few years ago I would have found the threadnaughts amusing and might have idly followed the blogosphere for entertainment.  But I just don’t care.  Nullsec is too far away from my wormhole and their woes shall not concern me.  Sure, sure, some will unsubscribe a few of their dozen accounts but I doubt EVE will be worse off.

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The gnats are swarming

Its Sunday night and I just spent my 1 1/2 hour game time to scan down the chain from our hole to K-space. Not sure why I bothered, I didn’t have anything to do there and virtually all holes that I encounter these days are devoid of people to trade shots with.  Except of course that C6 into which I stuck my CovOps nose (I now scout with a CovOps, there are so many signatures these days I am really tired of the unbonused T3 or bombers I normally use).  Anyway, the C6 was occupied – mining operation in full swing.  Of course.  If they were doing anything else (sleepers), they would have crushed the hole to our C4 neighbor.  I warped to the POS at range but some clever positioning of a bubble with lots of combat drones scattered decloaked me.  If I had been in my T3, it could have gotten ugly.  But my little Helios backed up nicely and I got away without issues.  The damage however was done, Legion, Legion, Proteus… spawned all around me.  I banked that they didnt know where I came from and warped to zero km onto the hole home, jumped on contact and went into slow, cloaky orbit.  And yes, there comes the scout, some Buzzard to check out where I went.  Cloaked, mate, I am a bad pilot but not that bad.

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Behind Enemy Lines – Part 1

Well, so this is Part 1 of my current adventure.  Bob only knows if there ever will be a Part 2, it depends on many things, most of them have guns.

While my EVE home is – and will stay – a wormhole, sometimes I get wanderlust and head out to try other things.  In the past, I joined RvB, then FW and I had a good time playing something completely different.  Recently, I had been itching again to go out and do something I had thought about for a long time.

Everyone knows that EVE is dying and that nullsec is stagnant.  Its a known fact, the internet says so.  Well, instead of lamenting like the Goons do constantly, I thought, well, lets take a look.  If Nullsec really is this empty, I can scout a scanner alt in via gates and have him run Data and Relic sites and – when the coast is clear – scout a Wormhole route to offload my loot and maybe scout another character in with a PvE ship.  And while PvE is the goal, maybe, just maybe I find some carebears that I can drop the hammer on as well.  Just saying.

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With the departure of TXG to better and greener pastures, this blog will lose a great writer and connoisseur of fine story telling.  And while the EVE blogosphere is better for it, his departure will force my remaining two readers to learn about my smaller adventures, little skirmishes and mishaps on my way through New Eden.

So, lets see. What I have been up to?

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Live and let die

My esteemed colleague and alliance mate over at Emergent Patroller has stirred up some controversy over the way wars are fought and won in EVE Online.  In effect, she is revisiting the age old problem of warfare – how to take ground and claim resources – which is of course what wars are all about.  Ideally, armies can be either fast, furious and nimble or pack massive firepower and logistics – never both.  In theory, the fast troops are ideally used to take ground, the slow troops to claim and hold it.

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