Hulks and Roleplay

The war between the naive high-security miners and the goons who suicide them continues – apparently in perpetuum.  I don’t specifically care for either group much.  The miners bore me with their whining about “security” and the gankers bore me since they represent the anonymous and self righteous mass that makes up 90% of online (and RL) populace.  And as a Wormhole Dweller and non-industrialist, I don’t care much for mining anyway.  So, this little drama should not bother me.

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Personal responsibility is dead. Long live the EULA

I followed the Mittani Debacle from a distance and only with the occasional glance at the official forums.  Basically, the man got drunk, said really dumb things, realized it, apologized and is now being burned at a stake Salem-style.  No flame burns as hot as that of religious fury and the the witch hunt of the Mittani has drawn out the villagers, their torches and pitchforks.  All, of course, in the righteous defense of a helpless and innocent victim of Mittani’s devilish schemes.

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EVE is too real…

Just a really quick comment about the story on Mittens and his comments at the Fanfest.  I had watched the panel stream for 5 minutes and when I realized that nothing of value will be said and that it will only be a display of frat-boy bravado, turned the sound off.  I just thought “uh-oh what will The Mittani do, he is last in the panel and by definition has to top everything”.  And he did – I turned the volume back on and wish I had not.  It was a deeply disappointing performance of someone who rode on the good will of 10k+ EVE accounts into a leadership position bringing nothing but stale jokes, pretend drunkenness, exaggerated swagger and nothing substantive to say about the Goons, himself, the game or anything that mattered.  I had expected him to be outrageously funny, dark and brutal but in a controlled  and measured way – the way leaders need to be.  Instead I saw a pathetic, sad little man with ugly beard and stupid wizard hat doing its best to insult all who voted for him.

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About gaming addiction

For the last 2 weeks, I have been in-game a lot, shooting sleepers, sucking gas, melting rocks and even chased a hauler through a C2, Tigerears-style (just without a killmail, phail).   I was online as much as RL permits and since we are recruiting I also had to pre-screen candidates and conduct interviews with the finalists and my team.

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The real role of the CSM

The interwebs are abuzz with chatter about candidates for the Council of Stellar Management (CSM). It is CCP’s institution to bridge the gap between the EVE Online players and CCP’s teams who have the responsibility to fatten investor wallets.

The candidates range from mostly straight up boring bloc votes with nothing interesting to say to a few balanced and knowledgeable players with actual insight into the game.  These tend to live in the blogosphere with more or less regular appearance on each other’s posts and podcasts.

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Blog Banter 32: Non-Consensual Combat Restrictions

EVE Online is a cruel world.  Click “Un-dock” and you consent to be raped, pillaged, burned and mutilated.  If you don’t like it, HTFU or play World of Warcraft.

EVE Online is a peaceful world where you can mine for resources, trade with friends and travel in peace, protected by Concord’s benevolent and ever-present police force.

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The proximity of pixels…

In the real world, satellite offices for large companies often have the highest productivity, best morale and attitude.  But in badly run companies they are allowed to develop a very distinct culture that – if left unchecked – drifts them away from the heaquarters.  I have noticed this in all large companies I have worked for or with, most of the time with/in their international sales and marketing groups, which are – by definition – geographically very spread out.   The companies who were good at managing it were excellent, the ones who were poor went out of business or should have been.  The  only difference between the failed and the great companies were the frequent in person visits by the leaders, technical experts and the occasional regional or even global piss-up (err, Strategic Goal Setting Roundtable Convention, something like that).  I want to stress, no amount of internet connectivity, no amount of “team” motivational structure and teleconferences can compensate for an afternoon with the team in a pub.

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