Planetary Interaction in High Sec – pocket money for casual players

As both my remaining, loyal, handsome and intelligent readers may remember, I have a little alt-corp that lives in a High Sec pocket somewhere behind low / null systems.  I use this team to afk-mine belts Veldspar (because the rocks are so big) in Retrievers or Mackinaws, export the minerals to Gallente space where I do “industry”, i.e. make random stuff for which I have mats when I remember and then I forget to sell it.  In addition, my little group does PI on nearby planets that serve as nearly 100% passive income source. Continue reading

On Assignment

I think I mentioned before that I parked my main character in the C4 of our sister corporation Z3R0 Return Mining. They had lousy routes and I had parked myself for a few days in some Amarr high sec station, watching the world pass by. High sec still makes gives me the weird feeling that I get when I return from a lengthy backpacking trip back to the trailhead. The first sight of a car, the smell of asphalt in the sun is as alien and new to me as the experience of a warp gate and watching incredibly expensive or very vulnerable ships mill around docking stations. D-scan shows me miners in belts and I catch myself asking if they are a trap or if I could risk it. But no, its not a trap, they are in High Sec and reasonably safe.
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Love thy Nemesis

I have a bromance with my Nemesis Stealthbomber, always loved the fat little arms, the rounded belly and the menacing single orifice on the front with its unblinking beacon illuminating my hapless victims.  From the side, it may have looked flimsy but when it barrels at you, all you see is some monster with outstretched arms spewing ordinance.  There is something sensual and menacing, like a gorgeous woman with a chainsaw.

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