Me:   Hi, my name is Splatus and I read Reddit.

Support Group:  Hi Splatus


Reddit has become a little guilty pleasure, the anarchy and memes have become amusing, maybe its a sign of my mental degradation but the other news outlets have been either tremendously biased, just plain bad or too analytical for their own good.  And thus in my reading habit, Reddit has entered as a 10min-over-coffee-before-work (ok and at work on cell phone) where I get a quick update on the meme of the day, a nice propaganda picture and possibly some interesting news about the ongoing war.  Reddit happens to be more aligned with the Moneybadger Coaltion rather than the Imperium and the comments are generally pretty biased but the MBC also happen to be on the winning side and therefore the contributions of smug are generally true.

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Jester for CSM

For those of you living under an asteroid and don’t know what the CSM is, it’s the gaming equivalent of a high school student council where the democratically-elected members are told that they have direct insight into the inner workings of CCP and assist in shaping the game for the future. For this, they get to fly to Iceland once or twice where they sit in a room with important faces and suggest features. Then CCP says “no” to everything and they all go out to eat a rotten shark and for the next 6 weeks they document their lack of progress in soul-destroying detail. This is followed by months of bashing, personal insults and general asshattery on various forums.

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is nullsec calcified?

My morning reading now includes – a site that at least doesn’t claim to be unbiased, the articles are reasonably informative and neither comments nor articles hurt my grammar-sensitive eyes by too many misuses of “their, there, they’re”.  In short, its like reading “Bild“, a guilty pleasure that even the educated get away with occasionally – if only whilst pretending to “feel the pulse of the man on the street”.  Or some other trite analogy.

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