Citadels in Wormhole Space

For years, CCP had pushed back on overhauling the Player-owned starbase (POS) system since it was seen as big fuzzball of unstable and unsupported code.  The pressure from the community to fix it was great but apparently not great enough, until now, we got a few cosmetic and lifestyle enhancements but the fundamental functionality remained in place.  I think, I was the only resident who genuinely liked the blue-bubble POS with all its pain-in-the-rear mechanics.  There is something magical about the ethereal soap bubble, so fragile and yet so protective.

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Sochicon – Part 4 (the end)

Alright, time to bring this story home.  Just to recap

One one of my mindless Wormhole Excursions, I found a C2 with a faction tower filled with floating ships. The locals in this hole evade my attempts to gank them, or, to be precise, I never get the chance.  My alliance mates decide that the POS is ready for taking and we bring a short team of Vexors out to blow it up.  We fail miserably.  Not to be discouraged, we set up a training camp on SiSi and optimize our fits and fleet composition.  Now its time to bring the hammer down.

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Sochicon – Part 3

Well.  Where were we?  Oh yes.  Tail between legs, ran away, even lost a ship or two in our futile attempt to crack a tasty POS in a C2.  We are soundly beaten and the local must have a big grin on his face.

But while we have a newly found respect for a Death Star POS (especially if it is fitted with all Faction mods), we are not giving up. The strategy of using Vexors Navy Issue (VNI for short) and their sentry drones is in principle sound.  The issue was holding the cap chain in the face of tons of DPS and frequent jams.  This should be addressable.

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Rubicon and Wormholes

CCP announced their winter expansion “Rubicon” this week and while the twitch was highly entertaining, it was – predictably at this stage – low on hard facts.

But thank god, we live in the bloggosphere where hard facts are icing on cake and absence of data has never stopped anyone from having an opinion. That alone should have prompted this post but the trigger was a quick exchange of comments in our alliance forum – bitter old vets rating this expansion as “meh” whereas my friend Thf and I have become paralyzed with joy and anticipation.  In this post, I shall explain my expectations of the new features as they pertain to WH dwellers.  I will freely hypothesize, so if you, dear reader, look for facts, contact your nearest soothsayer.

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Playing with the Neighbor – Part 2

So, here we are, just blew up a Legion in our neighbor C4 at the cost of a Stealth Bomber and a couple of Ruptures.  We are not doing badly here.  The opposition sobs inside their POS with their tail between their legs and likely have no ships left that could oppose us.  They have disrespected us, we are hyped on adrenaline and we are keen to follow through with our plan to bash one of their brand new POS-es.  But blowing up a tower is not something we have ever done – we took potshots before annoy people but we never really did it in an organized way.

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Fight of the vultures

Man, its busy.  We have new recruits coming into the hole who desire fame, fortune and wrecks and shall receive.  Our corp just paid out > 1.2bn ISK to members in loot  / salvage alone, ore, gas and PI stuff come extra.  So, damn, bad time to be a sleeper in our neighborhood…. We are still recruiting but are switching over to EU / UK time now so we are building up our transatlantic teams.

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POS Slapstick

Milling around our home system, Skip and I were awaiting the arrival of our newest recruit and decided to review our  defenses.  We have the WH-usual “Dickstar” with a few guns thrown in to annoy the casual interlopers.  But it can always be tweaked and Skip had kindly dropped a few shuttles into one of our new warp bubbles.  The idea is of course that some hapless scout finds himself trapped, decloaked and subsequently without a ship.  This doesn’t happen all the time but it does occasionally and is very satisfying.

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Grand Theft POS

Logging in finds me in an unfamiliar ship.  I forgot that I replaced my trusty nemesis bomber with a brand new cloaky Tengu strategic cruiser as my standard ship.  Its fugly but functional and should dish out a decent amount of damage whilst being able to scan well enough and take some damage – not the bomber which basically has the structural integrity of a toilet paper roll.  But risking a 600mil ISK boat instead of my 100mil bomber will take a different mindset.

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