Gently brushing fame

Well, its been one of those weeks where you wake up on Sunday and can’t remember a thing that happened since the last time you sat down and wrote and not for good (alcohol, drugs) reasons but because the week was filled with a thousand little things, each absorbing, none really noteworthy.

I did have a brush with fame though, a very light touch to be fair.  I was contacted by famed The Space Pravda Imperium News author Vulxanis Viceroy.   Vulxanis wanted to schedule an interview with me due to my last blog post in which I had made some critical comments about the state of wormholes and the usefulness of Alphas. So, Vulx and I agreed to a few times and I was sweatily anticipating my 15minutes of fame.  I double checked my post in expectations of the hundreds of thousands of hits that this would surely evoke.  Did I insult Noobman?  Will HK evict me? Continue reading

Wormhole Moon Mining. Really?

Quick one.  Last week, my team was dominating large swaths of nullsec, striking fear and despair into the quivering hearts of the cowardly locals.  Much honorable red was added to our alliance killboard – green is overrated anyway.

So, while they were busy, I poked around our new static connection – a C3 – and some random C2 and C5 we had flopping in the breeze as well.  I did that with 2 characters in different holes which is the maximum in efficiency and panic creating since I am liable to forget which character is where and routinely label bookmarks wrong assuring hilarious confusion for my corp.  They really don’t want me to do that, they know my limits.

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