More ISK than skill

October is tradeshow-month in my industry and hence I spend more days in hotels than at home.  I discovered a neat trick: When waking up disoriented at night, check the notepaper stack next to the phone.  It has the name of the hotel on it.  Its a good start, it tells you where you are but not why you are there.

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Lost in Translation

I commented before on the new Wormhole Spawn rate – it has indeed slowed down a little but we still have many connections leading to scanner burn-out and of course extremely long and tedious chains.  But they also seem to be leading to more content and corporations adapt swiftly and efficiently.  Our site running team for example tested a new mixed PvE / PvP fit that promised to be highly successful and resilient to hostile action.  It may need a little tweaking but in theory it works perfectly.

Anyway, I am wandering around and scan down a new C5 which leads to a C4 (among several NS holes, a frigate hole, an EOL C1…).  The C4 seems promising, it has a C2 static and I stroll in, see what the locals are up to.  Oh, look.  A Raven on Dscan, not aligned with a tower / bubble.

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Life in a wormhole is rarely predicable which is both its allure and its downfall.  Pilots desiring content have to create it themselves and the worst enemy of a WH corporation is someone who logs in, looks if something happening and – if not – logs off and plays DOTA.  Wormholes are not like that, Incursions maybe or lowsec but we blaze our own path.

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With the departure of TXG to better and greener pastures, this blog will lose a great writer and connoisseur of fine story telling.  And while the EVE blogosphere is better for it, his departure will force my remaining two readers to learn about my smaller adventures, little skirmishes and mishaps on my way through New Eden.

So, lets see. What I have been up to?

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Sochicon – Part 4 (the end)

Alright, time to bring this story home.  Just to recap

One one of my mindless Wormhole Excursions, I found a C2 with a faction tower filled with floating ships. The locals in this hole evade my attempts to gank them, or, to be precise, I never get the chance.  My alliance mates decide that the POS is ready for taking and we bring a short team of Vexors out to blow it up.  We fail miserably.  Not to be discouraged, we set up a training camp on SiSi and optimize our fits and fleet composition.  Now its time to bring the hammer down.

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Sochicon – Part 1

Note. This is a continuation of my recent post where I described my aimless wanderings across WH space and ended up in an interesting C2.  

Well, so I am back in my C2 – it is interesting because it has more ships on D-scan than my overview holds.  All PvP ships, some Industrials but no T3 and no PvE ships other than a Drake.  Best thing, there is only one owner for all ships and he is online somewhere.  But where?

POS Floaters

A quick scan reveals the static High Sec hole, a static C1 and a short stack of signatures and other stuff.  Oh, another C2.  Touring the neighborhood, I find nothing of interest and so I start making preparations for my overnight camp.  Safespots, bookmark directories etc.  Always prepared, the boyscout says after all.

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I am cursed!

Unusually, I actually played EVE quite a bit this week – real life has been good to me and with crummy weather, outdoor activities were limited to shoveling snow.

My C4 crew is slowly growing, we have new members from Europe logging in at times when I don’t expect people and its always a nice surprise to chat with newbros. They are fun and experienced and are keen to get into WH life, after all its the least known area in New Eden and certainly has a “mystique” that attracts lone wolves from all over.  Its not rational but there is solace in knowing that nobody can see you until its too late.  Or – alternatively – that you don’t have to take a fight if you don’t feel comfortable with the tactical situation. For example, last week I spotted wrecks and and site runners in our C3 neighbor.  A quick D-scan round later and I had my cloaky Proteus on grid with a Legion and Drake who were busy mopping up sleepers.  Now thats not a lot of firepower for a C3, especially if the Legion was salvaging at the same time, thus eliminating the opportunity to blow up a salvaging boat.  It also implied that both ships are low in shield or armor from the engagement with the sleepers making them vulnerable to a headshot.  So, I maneuver into position when I spot a Tengu and a command ship on D-scan.  Ah, these two ships are not alone in this system.  1 v 4 are not good odds.  Come to think of it, they are TEST capsuleers, the same crew that was evicted from nullsec and thrown into Faction War where they fatten their wallet before they lose it again in the next war against the CFC.  4 pilots, all from TEST with a Low Sec WH likely crawling with their friends – no, I am not engaging.

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Chasing Squirrels

Sometimes I get it into my head that I am an awesome PvP-er, solo stalker, amazing pilot who wins with raw guile, smarts and superior scanning and scouting skills.  I am mistaken in this but it pleases me to live this fantasy for a few days and pretend I am all that I am not.  When the wanderlust becomes unbearable, my two characters deliberately lock themselves out of our home hole and drift with our static hole like ants trapped in a soap bubble.

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Get the pod, get the pod

+++ Special Announcement: EVE Meetup Northern VA.+++

RL has not been nice to me – busy and stressful.  EVE is pretty much the first thing that goes over board when it comes to prioritizing my life (after personal hygiene, paying mortgage and other really non-essential tasks, of course).  I had not logged in all week until Friday came and with it the realization that the week was over, I am still breathing and my friends are shooting pixelly ships, something I am bad in but I like doing.

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All in the valley of Death

Survivor’s guilt, there is no other word to describe it.

It hurts in the stomach, the shame of living whereas all my friends and fleetmates died in glorious combat. Where was I when it happened?  Fast asleep.

But lets start at the beginning.

Our C5 crew is developing a notoriety for bashful combat and seeking out big fights.  They win, they lose but they never back down which is what EVE is all about.  I flew with them a few times and its always a blast, they know what they are doing.  And when the jabber and forum pings came up yesterday that they needed assistance, I only thought which ship to bring, not whether to go.

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