we are recruiting

Corporations in EVE often have a decent amount of turnover.  That isn’t bad – new blood brings new ways of thinking and doing things.

But recruitment is tough and tedious and to be honest, I am not looking forward to it.  Add to that the risk we wormholers face from theft, awoxing and other shenanigans and it is no wonder that nobody volunteers to be the corporate recruiter.

About one year ago, I recruited heavily for the corp and the alliance and am now restarting it, just for Z3R0 Return Mining, our C4 corp.  Our C2 (Broken Wheel Mercantile and Trading) is running on full steam, recruiting newbs straight out of the cloning vat and teaching them the tricks of WH life.  Z3R0 is looking for pilots that have actually been to WHs before and want to settle for a longer time, relax and play the game.

Copied below is our recruitment post from the EVE Forums.

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We are recruiting. Bring out the thumbscrews

I tend to start every blog post by “our little C2 Wormhole Academy…”  followed by some hilarious story of amazing spaceship skills, camaraderie and all all out riotous laughter.  If – Dear Reader – that wasn’t obvious enough, let me me make it a little bit clearer:

We are Recruiting.  

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one year

My friend Orea over at his blog realized that we have been in the same wormhole corporation now for one year and reflects on the good and bad times we had.  Its a great review of what happened and I recommend the read.  Its also one of the very times I can’t find anything he says where I vehemently disagree so he is clearly coming around 😉

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