A good trade

I had not scratched my PvP itch in a while and when I found myself last night with time to spare, I decided to check out the open roams that Spectre Fleet community offers.  And luckily, a Frigate Roam was announced to start shortly with starting point in Ostingele – aimed to roam through the nearby nullsec.  Shield frigates, eh?  Turns out I have multiple Tristans and Atrons but nothing shield.  My alt had a few Merlins from RvB days but they were still rocket-fit and far, far away.  But no matter, Frigates are cheap and a quick trip to Dodixie later, I found myself in possession of a throw-away Merlin, fully insured.  I had no illusion that it would survive the first encounter.

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Wormhole alliance are by nature dispersed all over the universe and combining fleets is sometimes a bit challenging.  Our Alliance (Illusion of Solitude and yes we are recruiting) is no exceptions.  We see each other on Jabber / TS all the time but we don’t fly that often with each other.  Only to whack a Wormhole, defend our brethren or roam drunk.

Yes, IOS has drunk roams and they end in disaster, mayhem and annihilation of ships and hepatocytes alike.  On these days, those of us who can make it, stream from our holes like bearded mountain men of yonder, muskets loaded, flasks filled with moonshine.  We assemble somewhere central and buy random ships that we happen to like the sound of.  Our European fleet mates have a crucial advantage – they started drinking 4-7 hours earlier.  Our US contingent is wanton to catch up and the sweet sound of cans opening, ice cubes rattling and corks popping fills the TeamSpeak ether.

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