A new perspective – welcome TXG Sync

Edit: I just realized that this was post number 100. Hooray!


When I log into the game now, I get greeted by our recruits with friendly but persistent hackling about my accidental shootout with TXG Sync – one of our newer pilots. He is an awesome guy, great pilot and has not succumbed to bitter vet status. Neither have I. When does that start btw, is that like midlife crisis?

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4 Covetors, 3 pods, 1 fun evening

Our little wormhole academy is in full swing – we have 4 pilots join us in our C2 this week and we have more interviewing.  Strangely, I was worried that the loss of advertisement from our former podcasting alliance leader would mean a drop in recruit quality or quantity but the opposite has been the case.  We get solid recruits through the forums and – of course – using our preferred method of shooting at them first, then telling them about our little academy. That has worked twice before and it shows me a couple of things, one, EVE is only as dark and mean as people make it and, two,  Wormholers are a strange breed – the isolation that we expose ourselves to forms a weird kinship even between opposing teams.

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