Duck Season


It is no secret to my last remaining pair of readers that our corporation (Z3ro Return Mining) lives in C4 space with an ever-changing C3 neighbor.  Life and wormholes are like boxes of chocolates, you never know what you find when you open one; C3s are quite popular actually since they always have a connection to K-space and hence allow the riches of Wormhole life with the added advantage of easy access to the markets.

Last Monday, Oreamnos Amric and myself find ourselves alone at home, Orea is our CEO, Alliance Boss, Supreme Commander and Dear Leader.  He also manages our corp payouts so I suck up to him.  While Orea is doing accounting things, I open our C3 with my scouting Proteus whilst having my alt in a Stratios on standby in our hole.  D-scan shows me 3 Tengus, a tractor unit and a mess of wrecks.  I quickly move, cloak and with narrow beam find out where these site runners are and within 10s, I have eyes on them from 100km. Continue reading

Too Soft for EVE

My characters are camping a C1 as explained here. I scan down all the things between conference calls and keep an eye on the system in case something exciting happens.

We have a low sec exit, I scanned it down 2hours ago.  I don’t have eyes on it, don’t even know where it leads.  I’ll do that later.  I have eyes on the POS and a Nullsec hole – that leads to goon space and had ~10 in local last time I checked.

First time I see the local resident!  He sits in his POS in a Drake.  Thats plenty of firepower to take down C1 sites and a perfect target for my waiting 2 Tengus.

Core Probes on D-scan. We have company.  Is it the the resident scanning down the system before running sites?  Please, oh please, please.

Still core probes.  Whoever is scanning isn’t fast.

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Narwhals ate my Tengu

Ah, finally a tale of PvP, its been too long.  I am no good at PvP, but thats what I log in for. That and my corp and alliance mates.

So, logging in finds my colleagues probing into our chain.  A Procurer has been spotted in a Wormhole ore site without mining lasers running.  He is 2 jumps over and so obviously bait that he may as well could have renamed his ship to “Look at me, I am helpless, cant shoot back, please attack me, I am harmless, love xxxx“.  And hence Falou and I get ready to do just that, people in WH space are rare enough and in the words of our glorious leader “never not take the bait”.

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I am cursed!

Unusually, I actually played EVE quite a bit this week – real life has been good to me and with crummy weather, outdoor activities were limited to shoveling snow.

My C4 crew is slowly growing, we have new members from Europe logging in at times when I don’t expect people and its always a nice surprise to chat with newbros. They are fun and experienced and are keen to get into WH life, after all its the least known area in New Eden and certainly has a “mystique” that attracts lone wolves from all over.  Its not rational but there is solace in knowing that nobody can see you until its too late.  Or – alternatively – that you don’t have to take a fight if you don’t feel comfortable with the tactical situation. For example, last week I spotted wrecks and and site runners in our C3 neighbor.  A quick D-scan round later and I had my cloaky Proteus on grid with a Legion and Drake who were busy mopping up sleepers.  Now thats not a lot of firepower for a C3, especially if the Legion was salvaging at the same time, thus eliminating the opportunity to blow up a salvaging boat.  It also implied that both ships are low in shield or armor from the engagement with the sleepers making them vulnerable to a headshot.  So, I maneuver into position when I spot a Tengu and a command ship on D-scan.  Ah, these two ships are not alone in this system.  1 v 4 are not good odds.  Come to think of it, they are TEST capsuleers, the same crew that was evicted from nullsec and thrown into Faction War where they fatten their wallet before they lose it again in the next war against the CFC.  4 pilots, all from TEST with a Low Sec WH likely crawling with their friends – no, I am not engaging.

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Get the pod, get the pod

+++ Special Announcement: EVE Meetup Northern VA.+++

RL has not been nice to me – busy and stressful.  EVE is pretty much the first thing that goes over board when it comes to prioritizing my life (after personal hygiene, paying mortgage and other really non-essential tasks, of course).  I had not logged in all week until Friday came and with it the realization that the week was over, I am still breathing and my friends are shooting pixelly ships, something I am bad in but I like doing.

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Next time bring a bubble

No ship was hurt in the making of this blog post.

Which was not the intent.  A few nights ago, our little team logged in and predictably found nothing of note in our constellation.  We rolled our C3 hole by forcing a few Orcas through (Studley is excellent at that) and Olari, Studley and I proceed to scan down the new constellation.   Between the three of us, we have me in a Arazu (Recon V but never got a kill in this boat, dang it) and a Falcon, Studley in a cloaky Tengu and Olari in his Proteus.

Olari jumps into the nullsec system and finds capsuleers that are online and active.  Yes, dear reader, people do actually live in nullsec and not just on Kugu.  This is – I believe – the first time in weeks where the nullsec hole is occupied and the locals are obviously blissfully ignorant of their new connection.  Olari proceeds to scan down a data site and aims to blow up a local attempting to hack it.

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Wormhole Lesson – The Right Tool for the Job

As both regular readers of this blog surely know by now, our little Academy (Broken Wheel Mercantile and Trading, BWMT) makes its humble living inside a C2 Wormhole where the PvE is meager but the opportunity for pewpew is a-plenty. Unlike our distant cousins in their C6 fortresses who seemingly have coalitions with half of their neighbors and gentlemen’s agreements with the other half, we don’t have Blue standing for anyone.  If we see it in space, we either kill it or we run away.

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