A 10 million Venture and other stories

Looks like the “EVE Community” has collective whiplash over the all the changes that are coming along to our game in fast succession.  Dev blogs are fired like broadsides of yonder and SiSi gets updated more frequently than the client list of a DC escort service.  To me, the changes are one big blur now, I barely got used to Hyperion and read in awe about the new space that is to come.

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back from the wilderness

My RL is still controlling my game time and while a forced break from EVE is cathartic, it is also frustrating.  Wormhole corporations rely on teamwork and I can not contribute in a meaningful way.  Fuel needs to be brought in, routes need to be scanned down and of course, sleepers need to be shot.   I know all this, see my buddies on jabber forming up and I can’t come.  Its annoying.

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The Retribution for my sins…

Ok, the patch dropped.  CCP calls it an expansion, I call it a patch but we mean the same thing.  And as my long suffering Alliance Mates know, I am blissfully ignorant of the changes until I encounter them in space.  I do read “Jester” occasionally for updates but his rants have gotten a little tedious and I wish he was doing that CSM thing just so he gets under NDA and talks less.  But I digress, the short of it is, I know very little of upcoming changes until they hit me in the face.

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