Unfaithful – Day 1

Blizzard had been bombarding me with messages to come back to World of Warcraft and re-subscribe.  I left Azeroth in 2009 and I figured after 5 years, it would be fun to revisit my old haunts and check out what is new.  I get a 10 day free trial and I figure, what is to lose?

Well, downloading and installing is pretty simple – the Warcraft installer lets you know when you can play despite several gigabytes are still being queued for download.  I got a 10 day free pass and log into my old account.

My family

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acquired skills

I work in a technology company full of alpha type engineers who frequently disagree with each other  – today was no exception.  I walked late into a Skype design review meeting between my office mate and a colleague in a remote office.  Tempers rose over some rather fringe technical issue and personal competencies (or lack thereof) were questioned in no uncertain terms.  The situation was far too hostile for me to mediate by conventional means and all I could aim to achieve is a quick stalemate and prepare for a slow rebuilding of the relationship.  I knew that my office mate has a very short fuse and I needed to act fast or the project is in jeopardy.  I also knew that he is an avid WoW player – the poor soul – and so I muted the phone, told him to hold DPS and let me take the aggro.   My office mate shut up on the spot and let me deflect my remote colleague’s wrath as best as I could.  I am not saying that the situation is fixed but it could have gone so much worse that I had to count it as a success.

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About gaming addiction

For the last 2 weeks, I have been in-game a lot, shooting sleepers, sucking gas, melting rocks and even chased a hauler through a C2, Tigerears-style (just without a killmail, phail).   I was online as much as RL permits and since we are recruiting I also had to pre-screen candidates and conduct interviews with the finalists and my team.

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The real role of the CSM

The interwebs are abuzz with chatter about candidates for the Council of Stellar Management (CSM). It is CCP’s institution to bridge the gap between the EVE Online players and CCP’s teams who have the responsibility to fatten investor wallets.

The candidates range from mostly straight up boring bloc votes with nothing interesting to say to a few balanced and knowledgeable players with actual insight into the game.  These tend to live in the blogosphere with more or less regular appearance on each other’s posts and podcasts.

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Blog Banter 32: Non-Consensual Combat Restrictions

EVE Online is a cruel world.  Click “Un-dock” and you consent to be raped, pillaged, burned and mutilated.  If you don’t like it, HTFU or play World of Warcraft.

EVE Online is a peaceful world where you can mine for resources, trade with friends and travel in peace, protected by Concord’s benevolent and ever-present police force.

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My last post got a a little bit of attention in EVE Online community.  Ender Black for example left a nice remark despite me being rather critical of his conduct.  Very gracious but I think I owe him and myself a post on my attitude towards criminality, MMORPG and the real world.

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With great power….

.. comes great responsibility. A saying attributed to Voltaire and widely used as a caution to the opposite side of the insight that ““Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” by Lord Acton.  Both are written from the viewpoint of someone without power, of course and that is where the dichotomy lies.  We are aware that power carries a burden but we seek it nonetheless.

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How do you motivate gamers?

I am not CEO of my Wormhole corp in EVE Online – thank god.  It is about as much work as being a real CEO but it will never put real bread on the real table.  As a pure hobby, it is an inordinate amount of work and often thankless.  CEOs of MMORPG routinely burn out and quit the game or have other forms of personal events that are upsetting and unsavory.

So while I know little about leading a game corp, I know a fair amount about how real life (RL in gamer parlance) companies work.

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