EVE is unforgiving – and that’s why I love it

What follows is a cautionary tale that I want to impart to my remaining two readers.  It is a tale that starts with hubris, goes through stages of boredom, distraction and inattention and ends with a dead ship.  My dead ship.

But lets start at the beginning, a typical night in our small wormhole corporation had started with copious amount of scanning, Teamspeak banter and much hilarity.  The map is broad and wide and as usual has nobody in it.  Well, except for a group that is sitting in their force field (yes, POS-es are still a thing in WH space).  Its a nice C2 with a high sec static and we try to coerce our hosts into doing something, anything by baiting with a harmless Imicus hacking their sites.  No dice, the locals are not moving and our Imicus pilot is pulling 80mil ISK out of the site.  Opp success?  Anyway, we are not going anywhere with this baiting tactic and more exotic measures to provoke a reaction are being considered, including rolling holes, shooting the POCO or the POS, running their sites etc.  The majority of our corp is based in the UK and I have to tap out for a bit for real life things.

When I come back, predictably nobody is left and I am bored.  I already put in 2h of scanning and scouting this night, evidently nothing is happening and I decide to just do a quick tour of our static C5 connection to see what is happening.  As usual, I take my scouting Proteus forward and my alt in his Stratios.  The headset is off, am chatting with the wife and am thoroughly distracted.

The C5 is predictably empty and I casually scan down the connecting C4.  Also empty.  I linger for a bit and then decide to call it a night.  Its late, my mind is some real-life things and my heart is not in it. I transverse the C5 and jump the Proteus back to our home hole, the Stratios is a few seconds warp behind.

And this is where things went wrong.  The Stratios is still in the C5 but lands in empty space.  No wormhole. How weird?  Did I warp to the wrong bookmark?  No, checks out.  Where is the hole? I just jumped my Proteus through it. What is going on?  Well, I had forgotten that our team had “critted” the C5 connection and in my distracted, blase and slightly arrogant state, had jumped both my cruisers out.  It did not collapse.  Now I jump the heavy Proteus back in and it died.  The Stratios lands in the place where the hole used to be, he doesn’t have a probe launcher fitted but should have one in the cargo hold.  I am hoping I didn’t forget to pack a Mobile Depot. I check. Yes he has one. Phew.

With my distracted brain, I totally forget about my Proteus who is after all “home” and hence “safe”.  Right?  Wrong.

Looking at my second screen with the Proteus pilot, I see him tackled by an Astero.  Where did he come from?  Where is the Wormhole (I still didn’t get it).  Is this a corp mate of mine?  Total confusion on my part.  The Astero orbits me at the perfect distance and has his drones on me but he doesn’t worry me too much, I have tons of tank.  I fish out the Hammerheads and start shooting while I finally get my stuff together and at least cloak my stranded Stratios.  If the WH still existed, I’d jump the ‘Strat in now and web the crap out of this pesky frigate.  But the Proteus does not have a Web and the Astero easily outruns my Hammers. Ok, lets try Hobgoblins.  They should be fast enough.  I am dipping into 2/3 shield.  On an armor tanker, this is trivial but the Astero is not alone, they never are.  I have maybe 2 minutes before his team arrives.  My hobgoblins land and do damage, not enough but a little.  The Astero now starts shooting my drones.  This is a good idea, I shall do the same.  One of his drones explodes and we both pull our respective sets back in.  Now what?  I can’t outrun a frigate (not even with overheating the MWD), I can’t reach him and he can’t kill me.   To make this worse, its blaster Proteus and I have no long-range ammunition in the hold.  Nothing, I have Void, Null and some antimatter.  No “Tungsten” or anything that can touch this Astero.  Ok, back to drones then.  Vespa  EC-600, ECM drones, I have 2, maybe I get a lucky break.  Nope, Astero shoots one of them and leaves the other circling.  His team mates arrive and it doesn’t matter anymore.  Two Sleipnirs and a Gila land on me and start firing.  All of them are ranged and my blasters are ineffectual.  The Proteus at the best of times has very little DPS and now his drone damage is truly pathetic.  I burn out the MWD by trying some fancy manual maneuvers, interestingly, the opposition didn’t bring neuts, webs or a bubble.  What I though was a bubble is in fact one of the command ships boosting – I assume speed.  I can’t hit for crap and am getting seriously low in armor.  I align to something and wait for the boat to explode.  It does and I warp off.

GF are exchanged and I am thoroughly confused with myself.  The level of inattention, total lack of situational awareness and laissez faire is “not me”.  While I suck at the actual PvP, I am pretty good at WH intel and maneuvering, I tend to be super cautious and very much on-top of things.  This Proteus loss was entirely out of character for me.

It just reminded me that EVE in general and Wormhole life specifically do not allow for mistakes. One false move, one casual jump and moment of distraction can be the end of the ship.  EVE is unforgiving, cruel, harsh and I love every minute of it.

So, shoutout to the opposing team to stay classy, well done, Purzelinchen, solid tackle, well deserved kill.

May we meet again.


RIP – my sweet Proteus, I had grown used to you…

Departing from the Astrahus

As some weird premonition, I took this screenshot when I undocked to explore the fateful C5…


Not every Gnosis is bait…

As my remaining two readers may recall, most of my Wormhole posts start with “and then I opened our new connection“.  This post is no different.

The adventure starts when I jump into our newly-spawned C3 neighbor and to my dismay find that it is a “shattered hole”.   For you sad k-space dwellers, Shattered Systems have more variety of anomalies and signatures, ice belts but no moons to anchor a POS on and of course you can’t park a Citadel there either.  CCP went back to the whole concept that WH space was designed for transient occupation at best.  Its also a riskier hunting ground since they – generally – have more connections are are quite big, something can easily hide off-Dscan for example. Continue reading

Friends with benefits

As both of my remaining two readers may remember, I live in Wormhole Space, more specifically, a C4 with a static C5 and a static C3.  Just in case you don’t know what that is, this means that we have two connections at any given time plus whatever other holes spawn into us.  But it also means that every day we have new neighbors and since neighbors in Wormhole space are generally armed to the teeth we tend to fly with the assumption that everyone is out there to kills us.  And vice versa, of course.  But we do like our C3 connections since it is generally our supply line to empire space where fuel and sundries are brought in and PI and gas products are shipped out.  And thus, the other night we open a new connection and commence a little scouting before we commit the haulers when our scout reports a second set of Sisters probes and a T1 Imicus on D-scan. That generally indicates that a brand new player just had come in from High Security space and is looking for hacking sites which arguably are by far the most money a an Alpha clone can make / hour. Continue reading

Alphas and Wormholes

The introduction of alpha clones has seriously shaken up New Eden and many corporations in Faction War and Nullsec are preparing for the onslaught of new players who want to try out this much-talked about game.  Wormholes however are still a separate world, the skill points required for e.g. cloaking and scanning are beyond what an Alpha clone can acquire.  New players may day-trip into our space but I don’t believe that brand new players with Alpha clones will travel deep into our chains.

But is that a bad thing? Continue reading


EVE more than any other online hobby has a fantastically strong community borne from the game’s inherent complexity and the constant need to evaluate risk v. reward.  Inevitably with communities, group-think develops and members love to associate with each other by repeating each other, thus creating a) cohesion internally and b) separation externally. Case in point was this month’s random EVE-is-dying meme which – thankfully died as quickly as it flared up.  Consensus is, EVE is not dying.  It can be improved – it needs to improve, it needs to attract new players but it ain’t dead by a long shot.

While we are there, lets bust a few other myths.


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Wormhole Hobo

It really feels weird to be docked in a station – there is something unnatural about being invulnerable, visible and blind to the events outside.  Basically, its the exact opposite of being in a Wormhole.  But after 3 weeks of bumming with my team of alts through a myriad of holes, it is nice to take a break. I always imagine my Gallente characters visiting houses of ill repute while my lone Caldari character character is left inventorying the spoils of the trip.

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Funny how this year shapes itself as a repeat of last year.  First 2 months were pretty quiet and then in March all hell breaks loose in my real life.  In 2014, I nearly threw the towel on EVE and almost to the day a year later, I am at the exact same point.  Worn out, with too many flights and conferences under my belt, I am just too wiped for spaceships.

There is a difference though, last year, my RL crunch coincided with me having lost faith into CCP, I didn’t think I’d come back.  This year its different, I am actually curious what the future holds and how the game will change.  So, you can’t have my stuff yet.

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