Fiction – Table of Contents

Some time ago I was inspired  by my friend Mme. Thalys to write fiction within the environment of EVE Online, the massive multiplayer game set in “New Eden” – basically a parallel universe.

With this, here are the Chapters  so far:

Chapter 1.  Entering a new life.

Chapter 2.  Recovery and thoughts

Chapter 3.  Orv has a flashback to the day that changes his life

Chapter 4.  Orv becomes a capsuleer.

Chapter 5 – First Blood.  Taking a Velator out for the first time.

Chapter 6 – The Dancing Washers. Introducing Lydie

Chapter 7.  Happy Birthday, Lydie

Chapter 8.  Fire.  Lydie takes matters into her own hands.

Chapter 9 – Rescued?  Lydie wakes up and wishes she hadn’t

Chapter 10 –  28 Dead.  The end of a mining career.

Chapter 11 – Domestic Bliss.  Lydie adapts to life as a slave

Chapter 12 – Burned Flesh.  Birth of an outlaw


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