If it wasn’t for Real Life…

Edit This just in. A fast/furious little skirmish that started as a rapid gank on a Gila that ran one of the event sites and escalated when our target dropped a Bhaal plus many other things on us.  RIP my little Stratios, you will be missed replaced.  


As my last remaining reader knows, I moved to a new corp “Anomalous Existence” and am happy as a clam in this outfit. They are small enough to know all the guys and gals but big enough that stuff goes down all the time.  Unfortunately most of the times when I see a ping, I can’t log in for Real Life reasons.  I don’t mind too  much right now, as long as NOMEX doesn’t kick me out, I am happy where I am. My reduced online time however means that I have to scrap all things EVE extraneous like PvE, reading about EVE and of course blogging.

But I need some ISK and to this end, fine-tuned my PI system.  I use my alt corp to buy P1 products  (eg Reactive Metals) in Jita or Amarr and afk / autopilot haul to our nearest K-space entrance where I pick it up with my main character.  I upmanufacture this stuff into P3 and then export it and haul it (not afk, each load is 200mil +) to a market.  Its a pretty efficient system that allows me to pay for small ship losses and build up my personal fleet in the hole, nothing more.  I will not be able to afford the big iron boats my fleet mates are running at the moment and that’s just fine by me (hope its fine by NOMEX).  Instead, I fly my Guardian, scouts or recons whenever I can and am having fun being part of a solidly-led fleet.  We even had a nice scrap the other day where I shamelessly used my drones to add myself to the killboard.

Overall, my move to NOMEX turned out to be exactly what I needed, a great team, low drama, high content and the small-gang wormhole PvP which kept me in the game for all these years. I’d like to hang out more and do more scouting / PvE and when my real life gets a little quieter, that is certainly in the books.


One response to “If it wasn’t for Real Life…

  1. I liked Anomalous Existence. The only problem for me was there was never anyone online when I was. I will say that they respond to pings pretty quick but when your time is limited…you miss out on a lot of fleets. I am glad that you are having a good time with them. Gunner is a riot and will get your stuff blown up.

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