And so it begins

My remaining two readers may recall that I fly with Anomalous Existence (N0MEX), a storied WH corporation with home in a C2/HS/C4.  I joined N0MEX because they focus on small gang PvP, acknowledge that real life is more important than PvP and – yes – because the corp has core ethics that appeal to me.  No shittalk, no screwing anyone over, honor your word, come to the defense of others etc etc. Yeah, my kind of people, no regrets at all.  Solid dudes, all of them.

I told before the story of Mindful Visteen, our corp member who passed away during a fleet-operation.  Our team put a memorial up reminding passing capsuleers that we are not immortal, that the time we can spend with our friends is limited and that we need to make the best of it.  Being with friends engaged in a common cause still remains the best use of our time and Mindful Visteen, you and I agree with this or we wouldn’t play this game or read these blogs.

Mindful Visteen RataruMindful Visteen Reddit1

Our makeshift memorial was destroyed by “Blue-fire”, a group that does apparently not share our values, laughed about our efforts to remember our friend, memed about it, named their own Fortizar “memorial” in mockery and started coming after us in our home hole (with some hilarious incompetence but that’s a different story…).

Mindful Visteen BlueFire


This disrespect for our friend of course has caused the expected emotion in our corporation, raw anger and lust for revenge are the main ones, personally, I am less angry than sad.  I am still quite proud of my naivety, I seek and find good things in people and when they pull stunts like that I just don’t understand how people can be so willfully cruel.  This story by the way made its rounds and Blue-Fire is a pariah in our community and apparently also in Nullsec where some of their pilots recently tried to join a larger outfit and were rejected because of their reputation.

Well, it looks like that Blue-Fire has reached a new low level by crawling to the infamous Wormhole eviction corporation “Inner Hell” and supplied them with the Intel to invade us.  Inner Hell has a reputation for zero bushido or any form of restraint, they routinely lie, intimidate, extort and of course infiltrate and DDoS communication systems.  These tactics have earned them the reputation of the most reviled Wormhole corporation in New Eden, something they apparently revel in. For Blue-Fire to work with them is indeed distasteful and I am confident to say that this will have consequences.

But before we take on Blue-Fire, we have the small matter of Inner Hell trying to burn down our C2.  They came in-style yesterday with 50+ pilots, set up their own structures and reinforced all of ours.  We flash-formed rescue fleets in k-space but Inner Hell is good at this game and we only got a couple of dozen of our friends in when Inner Hell wasn’t paying attention.  We are all now waiting for our “timers” and while there is a decent chance that we will lose the hole, none of us is really stressed about it.  EVE is a game where skill, dedication and superior numbers win the game and we are confident that we can match Inner Hell on an equal field.  No, the mood in N0MEX is quite good actually, this is content, this is the fight we waited for.  Our issue is also not really with Inner Hell, they are just doing what they are designed to do, our issue really is with Blue-Fire.  They really ticked us off now.

If we lose our hole, we know exactly where we are moving in next and if we don’t, we’ll go there just the same…



4 responses to “And so it begins

  1. Yup may my enemies crotch be infested by a 1000 sand fleas for a thousand years and their children and their children child… may quote me

    edit: typo

  2. A fine example of what is good and bad about human nature in general. What matters is not that they tore it down but that you put it up. EVE is an unusual game in that it actually encourages and rewards evil, rather than attempting to moderate it. It subtly encourages people to become a worse version of themselves.


    But we must go on to say that while it may be true that morality cannot be legislated, behavior can be regulated. It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can restrain the heartless.

    —Martin Luther King Jr.’s address at Western Michigan University, December 18, 1963.

    • Thank you! EVE remains my game because it allows for variation in ethical behavior. In games like WoW etc, players can not meaningfully impact others negatively or positively. This relegates other players to basically NPC level, even in PvP situations. EVE is the last remaining platform where choices how to interact with others actually have consequences. I really hope CCP never changes that.

      And having Dr King quoted in context elevates this blog well beyond its intent and worth. Feels good tho, thank you!

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