WH Townhall – I am content

CSM delegate Noobman and member of the most powerful wormhole alliance in the game kindly organized a townhall to update the wormhole community and ask a few questions.  For my remaining two readers I provide a heavily biased summary below.

The full recording is here, at 2h, its manageable, there is so much repetition and group hugs (circle*** for some) that one can easily fast forward. Actual content maybe 10 minutes.

tl/dr  Townhall meeting (real life or game) give the floor to those who take it and in general those are the ones with the most aggressive agenda.  Extremism will always win in a debate as categorical statements are easier to digest and remember.  There is no fighting it and hence I rarely, if ever participate in these events.  Basically, the townhall confirmed what we all expected, Noobman and his friends in C5/C6 space have nothing to do with the wormhole space that I experience.  Large-fleet, capital supported evictions, dozens of farming holes to make money, PvE as the necessary evil are literally a different game from mine.  My purpose in their world is to be “content”, i.e. I serve the role as dumb prey.  To that end, they want me to live in Wormhole space and throw me a few bones so that it becomes worth it.  And when I get too visible, it should be easy to evict me.  Actually, this is fine by me.  I like gnawing on bones.

Here are some cliffnotes.  Sorry if I missed anything, I tuned out a few times when the echo chamber reverberated too much.  My comments in italics.

  • Apparently, CCP has not forgotten about wormholes and fact many (shitloads) of CCP devs reside in low class wormhole space.  Guess even CCP devs need PI.
  • Noobman asked how the T3C changes had affected wormholers and the audience collectively went into EFT/Pyfa mode, started extolling the virtues of one ship over the other.  Consensus emerged after a few minutes:
    • Proteus, Tengu and Legion are useless.  Loki is the only T3C worth flying.
    • The halving of their tank and an increase in signature and DPS means that their role has changed from heavy tackle with staying power to tackle that needs a serious fleet to bail them out.
    • The whole point that T3Cs are more flexible is irrelevant.  Anyone basing out of a citadel has the ability to re-fit or take a specialized ship.
    • I had always flown a Proteus in “bulldog” mode, holding on to the target and tried to kill it with my other character.  I think these days are over.  I have an active-tank fit with good DPS but it is very sensitive to neuting (and has no cap injector).  I expect to move to Stratios soon. At least I won’t lose SP when it dies.  
  • Scanning changes
    • We like it.  A few glitches but overall its an improvement.  Took CCP 3 (?) fixes but its workable now.
  • Big discussion on spawn times of anomalies and signatures.
    • I was surprised about how much HK and the rest of audience cared about PvE sites but its obvious, each chest-beating PvP player has a private farming hole where they run sites to make money.  
    • The spawn rates of anomalies apparently is “class wide”, i.e. a site only spawns if another dies in a same class Wormhole.  With many, many holes being abandoned and accumulating sites (see my discussion about our C2 when we moved in), active holes are empty.  The audience wanted a timer on each site that a newly spawned site despawns after a few days with a chance to conveniently respawn within the safety of their farming hole. Basically, they want Nullsec mechanics
  • Suggestion that sleeper should scram more so that Player battleships can’t use their microjump drive to escape from PvP.
    • The consensus was its too hard to find idiots like myself to kill.  We are called “content” and we are tolerated in WH space for this purpose only.  It should not be so hard to find, tackle and kill us.    
    • CCP is considering that change to add more scrams into sleeper sites.
  • Drone aggro
    • Apparently there is a bug that sleepers attack Drones more than they should.
    • I have not seen it but if I had seen it I would have assumed that it was a new mechanic.  For C2, I stopped using Gallente drone ships and went back to Caldari since drone micromanagement was just too tedious.  If this had been intentional, I would have not cared.  Sleepers are smarter NPC, so why wouldn’t they shoot at drones?
    • I assume this mechanic eats into the AFK money making of their farming holes so it has to get fixed.
  • Drifters.  They are the Battleship-sized sleepers that infest C5 and C6 space when you kill a structure.  They are hard to kill, persist and attack citadels.  (and can be killed with a citadel).
    • Consensus seemed to be that they should spawn if you have a Capital ship on grid or shooting the structure.  This of course removes them as a game mechanic to teams like ours coming with Battleships from a C4 and kill them because (gasp!) its a fun game mechanic but this is obviously of no importance.  ISK/hour is the only thing that counts
    • The idea behind it is of course that the hardcore PvP-ers want more capital ships flown by incompetent fools in sites where they can be tackled.
  • Industry and moons mining.
    • CCP is thinking about it.  Come back in 2018 maybe.
  • Smaller temporary structures to help evictions.
    • Without POS, eviction teams don’t have a safe space to log off.  This makes evictions too hard and the suggestion was to develop a new structure that has a docking ring or something
    • I personally wanted a smaller structure for temporary wormhole camping trips and if it is making evictions easier, so be it.  If anyone wants to evict me, they can do it anyway so what do I care what they need to bring?  
  • Some conversation on using capital ships, cap chargers, dreads etc.  I lost track what the discussion was about.





7 responses to “WH Townhall – I am content

  1. You have three readers now. I’m also a wormholer, living in a small c2 like you. But I live alone, like Batman, looking for pvp. 🙂 You have a nice blog and it strangely brings me comfort to read it.

    • Three readers! My life’s ambition has been reached. I shall retire from this material world, seek a mountain cave and meditate until transcendence.

      Glad you like C2s. Am still building out ours, so if you see me in space and kill me I may not come back because I am a coward but because I really dont have a ship left…

  2. I was also at the meeting but seemed to come away with some dramatically different thoughts on some of those points. Here is what we seem to differ the most on:

    T3Cs: I came away with the opinion that the legion was fine, but the Loki was just a bit stronger. Tengu and proteus fittings were just too tight to have a good variety of fits.

    Anomaly spawn timers: from my understanding of the discussion was they wanted them to have timers that were longer than null sec. That currently there are no timers at all and that sites stockpile in empty systems.

    Sleeper scrams: micro jump drives have lowered the risk of site runners from pvp and from sleepers themselves. Before sleepers with disruptors made ships require to commit to staying on the field and most just want that to return.

    Sleeper drone aggro: sleepers have always aggroed drones more than most other npcs. However, the current bug (and ccp has confirmed it’s a bug) has made drone ships in sleeper sites basically unusable. Limited ship diversity is bad for everyone regardless of where you fall in the hunter/prey spectrum at any given time.

    Drifters: Drifters were the replacement for capital escalations in c5/6 sites. While I agree that it’s nice to do them as a group in sub-caps. The problem is that people will farm drifters using citadels which removes any risk from them at all. So most of the discussion of requiring caps on the field was to find a way to get rid of the citadel drifter farming. To that I agree. Ships on grid is infinitely better than no risk use of citadels. Even if that means I no longer have the option of spawning drifters myself.

    All your other points I either agree with or my views are just barely different that there’s no point in debating them.

    • A detailed comment with rational thought? That I agree with? Where I change my opinion? This can not be the internet! What sorcery is this?

      To your points

      a) I mentioned that I tuned out occasionally especially during the T3C conversation. I am my self not a EFT warrior and fly what people tell me. I heard that Loki is the thing to fly and I know that I can not fit my old style bulldog Proteus. Not complaining but my style of flying will have to change.

      b) If people want sleepers, they should go and get them. I just moved into a C2 where each site is ~20mil and there maybe 5 of them / week. C2s do get traffic so its not risk-free. (but then the sleepers dont scram etc). If one wants to make any form of income, one has to go and run the neighbor’s sites. That is intentional and in my opinion perfectly fine. From the townhall I got a lot of whining that the farming holes don’t have enough sleepers. Well, HTFU and roll your connection, go out there like the rest of us.

      c) Sleeper scrams. I am on the fence, yes I may have to agree with you. With one exception. Not everyone is “good at EVE”. Not everyone is 100% on the ball all the time, not everyone has big screens, fast input. A Sabre can be on a player in under 15 seconds, this is the time for BS to align and warp off if a new sig spawns. Not saying that WH space shouldn’t be hard and for better players, but the mechanics allows no change to the defender. However, C3 and below don’t scram, as long as that remains and hence provides a place for less experienced pilots to practice, I am ok with it. Point taken.

      d) Sleeper Aggro, sure if it is a bug, CCP should fix it. I never thought it was one, that is all. I baited the locals in a C1 with my Stratios running their sites and the sleepers tried to kill my drones. I just assumed that this is because I had no high-slot weapons to attack them (neuts). But sure, bugs need to get fixed.

      e) Drifters. You are right about the drifters being capital escalations. They just happened to provided urgently needed new PvE gameplay in WH space and we took advantage of it. Its hard to voluntarily give something fun up when it was given to you. In general, we need new and entertaining PvE and this could be part of it.

      Overall, thanks for commenting, appreciate it!

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