Fanfest 2017 – Stream and Expectations

Fanfest 2017 is about to start and while I can not attend it in person, I am certainly watching the streams.  Nosygamer has a good list of sessions to watch on his blog.

Personally, I don’t expect big announcements.  Citadels in all their form have to be in the game for a while until the economy and the warfare settles.  While I am a little annoyed that the new refining complexes add nothing to Wormhole or High Sec space, I understand that they are trying to release content in a manageable way.

I am excited about the exoplanet stream.  Having always been a science fan, the possibility of discovering livable planets outside of our own little solar system boggles my mind.  Feiryred has written excellent primers for this – go read all her articles.

The big elephant in the room for me is the announced T3 Cruiser rebalance.  CCP is wanton to cave in to Nullsec players who drive the narrative and the income and may do crazy stunts like nerfing the interdiction nullifier (that saved my rear on this fight), the massive possible tank (this fight) or in general make T3 more of a niche fleet boat rather than a viable solo exploration and hunting ship.  I don’t think CCP has seen the role that these boats play in WH space.  It would be great if CCP had a small team of players that they could float ideas past.

But other than that, I am excited, got my coffee and am ready to be an enthusiastic space nerd.


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