Open Letter to nempxa 2z82

Dear nempxa 2z82,

I am sorry that I upset you.  You were harmlessly scanning a C3 Wormhole, surely looking for some hacking site when my Proteus decloaked next to you and exploded your ship.  I scrammed your pod but then let you go – catch and release was good enough for me.

I tried to convo you to explain that being stationary and decloaked near a wormhole is a bad idea but you declined my request, I sent you 2 mil ISK (twice the value of your boat) and  in return, you put a 1 mil Bounty on me.





You are a 2 day old character with a decently fit T1 exploration frigate.  If you are really brand new to the game, someone explained to you the fit – that someone neglected to tell you that EVE is at its core a PvP game in general and in Wormholes specifically.  If you are an alt of someone more experienced you should know that bounties don’t do anything at all in this game.

So, with much love and respect, please take care in Anoikis, cloak up, talk to people who shoot you so that you can learn and for the Love of Bob, find a player corp who can teach you.


Alphas and Wormholes

The introduction of alpha clones has seriously shaken up New Eden and many corporations in Faction War and Nullsec are preparing for the onslaught of new players who want to try out this much-talked about game.  Wormholes however are still a separate world, the skill points required for e.g. cloaking and scanning are beyond what an Alpha clone can acquire.  New players may day-trip into our space but I don’t believe that brand new players with Alpha clones will travel deep into our chains.

But is that a bad thing? Continue reading

Three Huzzahs for the Underdog

If I stuck with my cunning plan, I should write about No Man’s Sky today – alternating with EVE online.  If I did this, I would have to rely on other player’s accounts since I have not opened the game once for the last 2 weeks.  Well, that’s not entirely correct, I tried the other day but my PC blue-screen-of-deathed, likely fault of dodgy RAM or something but I choose to blame the game.  Also the interwebs may have infected me but I could not really bring up a good reason for logging in,  I had lost the storyline without being able to get back, you can not re-start the game at all (!) and basically, my experience would be flying from planet to planet, cursing the puny inventory and find an upgrade that marginally better than the last upgrade.

Looks like I am also not alone in this:

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EVE Online – What are beta clones?

So, the EVE Universe exploded this week with the announcement that EVE will become “free to play” with the introduction of “Alpha Clones” that offer new players the option to enjoy a single racial tree of ships up to a certain skill level.  Even the real world press picked up on it.

I won’t comment too much on this, better people than I have already done in depth analyses.  And universally, this change has been greeted with quite some enthusiasm: Continue reading

No Man’s Sky: The first 2 weeks

No Man’s Sky was released for the PC on August 9th and I have been playing it quite a bit since then.  I meant to write a long review but I’d rather point to the most accurate and hilarious summary that I could find.


The author explains No Man’s Sky as a mindless, never ending grind to explore planets to get gear upgrade to explore planets to get gear upgrades.

And he isn’t wrong. Continue reading

Cruising Along

Its been a slow couple of weeks in New Eden for me in part caused by the general summer hole but also by my current attitude toward the game, simply speaking, I log in, quickly update my PI, scoute some routes out of our C4 wormhole and if a corpmate is online and willing, we go out stalk something for an hour or so.  The thrill of the hunt is still there of course but our prey is adjusted in size what I can actually kill.  For example, I found a solo Rattlesnake in our adjacent C3 the other day and realized that I can’t bring him down by myself (2 characters). Continue reading