Into the Black

Oh no.  What have I done?


Epigene is in Noir Academy


As of last week, I joined Noir. Academy – the training center for the mercenary corporation Noir..

I am actually quite apprehensive about this.  Firstly, Noir. is famously serious about spaceships and I have never been in an environment where anyone cared about killboards.  Secondly, I have never flow in Nullsec or Low sec, I literally spent the last 4 years in a hole.  Thirdly, my experience with organized fleets is minimal.  Sure, I have been in open fleets and from our alliance we had a few roams but that is as different from a real nullsec fleet as a pick-up-game of soccer with a league game.

But why?  I had a good thing going?

Well, I had met Aleks from Noir. at a meetup in 2012 and we talked spaceships, contracts and the community. It was a great conversation and I really liked what he said but I had still quite a bit invested in my Wormhole existence.

I have never really flown in organized fleets – other than the odd roam that inevitably ends in wrecks.  And to top this, I really had reservations about the time I would have to invest to get myself started in a brand new environment in EVE.  In 2014 I endorsed Ali Aras for CSM, in part because she flew with Noir. and I was jealous.  And then a year later, Psianh Auvyander ran for CSM and got my endorsement for the same reason.

Bottom line, I had a man crush on Noir. for 3 years now and never made the move since I had (still have) no confidence that I am good enough for them.  See, my character may have 80mil SP but I as a person feel that I am bumbling through EVE like a brand new newb.  The only thing I am reasonably good at is Wormhole scouting and intel – thats not what Noir. does on a daily basis.

But a few weeks ago, I went to a local EVE meetup in Virginia and met again Alluminora  and we talked about Noir. Academy and how it helps to easy pilots like myself into their culture.  That settled it.  The next day, I wrote my lengthy application for Noir. Academy and the fools accepted me.

Why Mercenary?  Its actually quite simple – it is an honorable way to fight in this game.  Mercenaries are guns for hire, they get paid to fight someone but when the contract ends may get hired to fight their former employer.  Reputation matters hugely in this environment and my two remaining readers know anything about me than that I have pretty ethical approach to this game (life in general, actually) that is built solely on reputation. For example, I will never scam or steal or insult the real person behind the keyboard.  Its just not me.  That excludes me from pretty much all nullsec corporations – but not Noir.

So, whats next. Of course, I won’t be able to write much about my adventures until I am a lot more established in this environment and learn what is OP-sec and what isn’t.  But I am very excited about the whole idea of learning a brand new game and I shall definitely wrote about that!

Wormhole Hobo

It really feels weird to be docked in a station – there is something unnatural about being invulnerable, visible and blind to the events outside.  Basically, its the exact opposite of being in a Wormhole.  But after 3 weeks of bumming with my team of alts through a myriad of holes, it is nice to take a break. I always imagine my Gallente characters visiting houses of ill repute while my lone Caldari character character is left inventorying the spoils of the trip.

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Too Soft for EVE

My characters are camping a C1 as explained here. I scan down all the things between conference calls and keep an eye on the system in case something exciting happens.

We have a low sec exit, I scanned it down 2hours ago.  I don’t have eyes on it, don’t even know where it leads.  I’ll do that later.  I have eyes on the POS and a Nullsec hole – that leads to goon space and had ~10 in local last time I checked.

First time I see the local resident!  He sits in his POS in a Drake.  Thats plenty of firepower to take down C1 sites and a perfect target for my waiting 2 Tengus.

Core Probes on D-scan. We have company.  Is it the the resident scanning down the system before running sites?  Please, oh please, please.

Still core probes.  Whoever is scanning isn’t fast.

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Long Haul

Most people (not all) prefer to have goals in their lives, big achievements like dominating nullsec or little ones like curing cancer.  My goals follow similar lines but my erratic log in times used to limit me to goals that I could accomplish in a single play session, like setting up new a new PI chain or scouting a route etc.

Now, I am on my own, with all the time in the world – if I can’t log in for a week, so be it.  But sometimes I can work from home which allows me to be online a lot more but with limited ability to actually “do” anything.

Perfect for Wormhole Intel Gathering.  Lets talk about what that means….

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A good trade

I had not scratched my PvP itch in a while and when I found myself last night with time to spare, I decided to check out the open roams that Spectre Fleet community offers.  And luckily, a Frigate Roam was announced to start shortly with starting point in Ostingele – aimed to roam through the nearby nullsec.  Shield frigates, eh?  Turns out I have multiple Tristans and Atrons but nothing shield.  My alt had a few Merlins from RvB days but they were still rocket-fit and far, far away.  But no matter, Frigates are cheap and a quick trip to Dodixie later, I found myself in possession of a throw-away Merlin, fully insured.  I had no illusion that it would survive the first encounter.

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A new experience

Well, my little ambush in a site-running C1 / Blackhole didn’t quite work out, the locals appeared to be online somewhere but were not considerate enough to show themselves in ships that I could take down. Or show themselves at all.  By now, time had severed our static connections and my little fleet of alts had floated away from their empire base like ants trapped in a soap bubble.  When I scanned down the new connection, I found myself miles and miles from nowhere.

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