Winning EVE

As hinted at in my previous post, I did manage to squeeze some vacation into this summer, I am writing this post on some crummy hotel wifi (the first internet connection I had for 3 days) and I am already regretting checking my work email – apparently, I am on the road for pretty much all of July.

But for now, I am still out here in the comparative wilderness, managed to see 3 bears yesterday alone and had some amazing hikes.  Life is good.

A little distance to EVE and online culture is cathartic and I began to wonder what place the game will have when I return.  Both of my remaining regular readers may have noticed my gradual detachment, a couple of years ago, I was very active in the management of our little corporation and alliance, recruited tons of people and in general, had made EVE my center point for non-work relaxation.  Real life circumstances changed and I struggled for a while to keep the same focus on EVE but it just didn’t work.  I can’t pretend that I am very active in the game or that I have a massive desire to log in. Living in a wormhole and flying with friends doesn’t actually help.  There is always the nagging guilt that I am not hauling fuel, exporting loot, recruiting and do all the things a wormhole corporation needs to get done.  Social games bring social expectations and if you can’t or won’t live up to them, resentment slowly creeps in.  Which does not help to motivate me to log in more, of course.

I know, my absence is temporary, EVE is one of the best games that I have ever played and the people I met have become true friends.  I will return with more energy but for now, I am contemplating new avenues for me to explore in New Eden.  For me, “Winning EVE” is not to rage quit and burn all my assets but to adapt, find an acceptable activity level that fits in the real life schedule and preference.

I am open to suggestions.


Summer has started

I noticed summer had started when my European colleagues have “out of office” messages that read something like this:

Dear customer or colleague, I am out of the office from May 24th to September 1st. I will not check my work email and only use my laptop to play games and make sure my pay checks have cleared.  If you have any urgent issues, please do not mail me, I won’t receive it and I won’t care. Since all my colleagues are also off at the same time, nobody will answer.

When I come back, I will likely be so exhausted from my vacation that I will take a month sick leave.  Or I will be pregnant in which case I will take 5 years paid maternity leave.

Have a nice summer

What that means for me?  Not much, I work in the US where the messages are something like this:

Dear customer or colleague, I am out of the office from May 24th 9pm to May 25th 4am.  In urgent cases, call my cell phone that I had surgically implanted and that can not be turned off. If I don’t answer within 3 rings, it will be forwarded to my supervisor and the HR department so that I may apply for fair and severe punishment.  Since I don’t know if I have a job when I return, please call the office switchboard who will be delighted to connect you to myself or my successor.


Well, for me, I just wrapped up my last trip for May and am looking at a pretty free calendar for June.  Time to plan a vacation!  I have 170 hours to burn before December 31st (plus public holidays and 3 “floating holidays” whatever they are).

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Citadels in Wormhole Space

For years, CCP had pushed back on overhauling the Player-owned starbase (POS) system since it was seen as big fuzzball of unstable and unsupported code.  The pressure from the community to fix it was great but apparently not great enough, until now, we got a few cosmetic and lifestyle enhancements but the fundamental functionality remained in place.  I think, I was the only resident who genuinely liked the blue-bubble POS with all its pain-in-the-rear mechanics.  There is something magical about the ethereal soap bubble, so fragile and yet so protective.

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Skill Queue Online

Like pretty much everything else in EVE, skill queues work differently than in any other MMOG.  Whereas World of Warcraft requires you the player to be logged on and do the action you want to skill, EVE Online’s skill system runs in the background whether or not the player is online.  I can happily skill my missiles while shooting nothing but bullets.

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Boosting Boosters

Drugs are amazing things, few products on the planet have a built in duality of being able to cure, enhance or debilitate depending on circumstances way out of control of so called medical professionals.  The legitimate drug industry is an estimated 1.3 Trillion (yes “T”) global market which has conquered diseases that deemed to be incurable a generation ago but has been entirely helpless against the common cold.  Oh, and name one more industry of this scale where even the experts publicly state that the products simply don’t work in the majority of the cases.  Honestly, the medical drug industry is fascinating.

But of course its not just the legitimate, medically sanctioned drug industry.  The illegal drug industry is a behemoth that funds entire countries, armies and mercenaries at the same time. The economic collateral damage of these drugs is staggering and impossible to fully tabulate.  The US Dept. of Justice for example estimates that illegal drugs resulted a direct and indirect cost of US$ 192 billion in 2007 alone.

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Blog Banter 63 – Customization

Kirith Kodachi posted the next Blogbanter – 63 – Customization.

Super Kerr Induced Nanocoating, new structures that can be fit like ships with modules, the promise of player built stargates… the ability to shape your space and change the look of your ships is finally coming to EVE. What other customization options of EVE would you like to have? What would you like to do to be able to shape space and environments? What would you like to change just for you in the client or in any 3rd party tools?


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Funny how this year shapes itself as a repeat of last year.  First 2 months were pretty quiet and then in March all hell breaks loose in my real life.  In 2014, I nearly threw the towel on EVE and almost to the day a year later, I am at the exact same point.  Worn out, with too many flights and conferences under my belt, I am just too wiped for spaceships.

There is a difference though, last year, my RL crunch coincided with me having lost faith into CCP, I didn’t think I’d come back.  This year its different, I am actually curious what the future holds and how the game will change.  So, you can’t have my stuff yet.

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