Goodbye 2017

It is customary to recap the year past before the ball drops allowing a little bit of reflection what was good and what can be improved in the next year.  I won’t disappoint my last remaining reader but before I start, a fair word of warning: 2017 was not my “EVE year”.  In fact, it was the year I came closest to walking away from this game since 2009.

Lets start at the beginning.  2017 saw me starting up my own little industrial corp somewhere in highsec with the goal to afk-mine or run PI while my meatbag hangs limp in some conference call.  My wormhole life consisted of solo roams due to my corp being heavily UK / EU focused and I encountered them only in our slack channel.  On my main, I celebrated my 7-year birthday (yay me!) while I was getting slowly exasperated with my wormhole existence.  I pretty much ignored the Nullsec-Fest (formerly known as “Fanfest”) and slowly stopped reading the EVE blogs or standard media.  My fare, like 99% of EVE players became reddit with its short and bitter memes.  CSM time rolled in and I think I managed to break my record, not a single one of my candidates made it.  Yes, I went for non-bloc players that I would have trusted to represent independents but CCP wanted to build out their nullsec game and the CSM represents this perfectly.  This came during a time where I went moderately active in my wormhole again and even killed things. I managed to lose my Proteus due to a series of really dumb decisions and I had fun with that as well.  ’twas a good fight.

The summer kicked in and /r/eve caused a rather intense spat with CCP who dared to dial-back risk-free, unlimited ISK making.  The brigades didn’t like that and the old “player v company” dynamics returned.  To be honest, I agreed with the players, CCP made some terrifyingly stupid design decisions and was now paying the price for it.  At the same time, I was getting tired of hanging out solo in our C4 hole where PvP is highly situational (with 2 characters and not being good at it) and PvE is nearly impossible.  I ended up settling our long-lost C2 again with one of my corp mates – good times where had in organizing and hauling gear into the hole and creating a new base for my corp.  The promise was that C2s can offer a more routes and contents and stimulate recruitment and corp activity.  To some extent, this was certainly true and we recruited a couple of newer players.  Overall however, my time in EVE was dropping week by week, this wasn’t helped by RL reasons that radically shifted my worklife.  EVE was simply not on my mind anymore.

A CSM member with the nominal WH portfolio organized a townhall which went down the predicted path.  That call took the last hope I had for our space from me.  CCP and players want Sov-Nullsec Online “be” EVE Online and Faction War, High Sec, Lowsec and Nullsec are fighting a hopeless battle for attention.   I am too old, too cynical and too bitter vet to write up precise mechanics how I think it could be improved; I know it wouldn’t be read or taken seriously by anyone.  My time in spaceships reduced even further and with it came my realization that I actually don’t enjoy this game anymore.  I logged, unsubbed 2 of my 3 accounts and walked away for a while.

Which brings us to 2018.  I still think EVE has tremendous potential, I love hanging out with my corp mates on Slack and am not negative about the game itself and what it promises.  In 2018, I will try to re-kindle my love and energy but this will likely mean a drastic shift of attitude.  Maybe solo roaming nullsec or wormhole space in search for things I can take down.  Maybe re-joining the Mercenaries (if they will have me!), I remember my time there very fondly.  Maybe joining some SOV nullsec corp, as long as they don’t force me into a Rorqual or Titan, I’d have fun with some large fleet fights.  Maybe joining one of a last remaining “fun” wormhole corps with more than one dude in the chain. Overall, 2018 will be a good year and I will make EVE online part of it in some way.  And yes, I will write about it!



The capacitor is empty

As my remaining two readers may have noticed, the frequency and energy of my posts have declined over the last few months.  I tried to keep a “2 posts / month” schedule and while I have largely been able to do this, I am not happy with the content – its sloppy, thin, not funny, badly edited and overall I am not satisfied.  In part this is due to time constraints, I had changes in my real (work) life that were in some ways awesome (I get to run my own startup) in other words scary as hell (I get to run my own startup).  Gaming in general isn’t in my head at the moment.

Add to this my disappointment with EVE, my only game of choice.  I am not going to lament that EVE is dying, considering that the entire market for PC-based games is declining by 4% / year (too lazy to look up the reference), EVE is holding up pretty well. New players join up as alphas and within days sit fat and happy in Rorquals in Delve – EVE as CCP wants it to be.   No, EVE isn’t dying, “my” EVE is dying.  The game I enjoyed with friends, where owning a Wormhole was a team sport and not the case of one guy (me) with an alt corp (mine) just dump some Citadels down without worrying too much about fuel or evictions.  That EVE is gone and gone for good.  CCP decided a few years ago that nullsec is the only driver for revenue and have basically stopped all development anywhere else.

Blaming CCP for me not wanting to log in is a cheap and unfair way of describing whats going on. CCP makes a product and arguably has a marketing department that carefully analyzes the retention of new, paying customers. Maybe I am simply not in the core customer base right now, this happened to me before, in 2009 World of Warcraft changed from a multiplayer game to a single player game where all human interactions were superfluous.  I had enough of the gear-score-driven LFG system and one day logged off and walked off.  I feel like I am close to this situation in EVE right now.

Instead of throwing the towel and biomassing, I am taking a semi-official break until December (ish).  I am not having any expectations that EVE Vegas will bring any features that would excite me to log back in but I will certainly watch where I can. I truly, honestly, hope that something will be announced where I can get my mojo back.

Until then, enjoy, blow stuff up and have fun without me!

Gently brushing fame

Well, its been one of those weeks where you wake up on Sunday and can’t remember a thing that happened since the last time you sat down and wrote and not for good (alcohol, drugs) reasons but because the week was filled with a thousand little things, each absorbing, none really noteworthy.

I did have a brush with fame though, a very light touch to be fair.  I was contacted by famed The Space Pravda Imperium News author Vulxanis Viceroy.   Vulxanis wanted to schedule an interview with me due to my last blog post in which I had made some critical comments about the state of wormholes and the usefulness of Alphas. So, Vulx and I agreed to a few times and I was sweatily anticipating my 15minutes of fame.  I double checked my post in expectations of the hundreds of thousands of hits that this would surely evoke.  Did I insult Noobman?  Will HK evict me? Continue reading

EVE Meet [DC|VA|MD] Tonight (Aug 26) 18:00 Local

Just saying

Copy / Paste from announcement:



EVE Meetup 26th August 2017 at 6pm
26 August 2017 18:00 (Save to cal)
Alexandria, Virginia, United States

[DC|VA|MD] EVE Meetup 26th August 2017 at 6pm

* Mailing List (in-game): DCVAMD-Meetup
* Chat Channel (in-game): DCVAMD-Meetup
* Discord:
* Twitter:
* Eve Forums:

**<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< EVENT DETAILS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>**

* What: Meet, Greet, Eat, & Drink
* When: **Saturday, 26th August 2017 at 6pm-11pm**
* Where: (2451 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria, VA 22331)
* How Many: Estimated 8-12 Pilots (had 49 different individuals show up combine total so far)
* Prizes: 1 Billion ISK & EVE pens (nothing too fancy)

**<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< EVENT DETAILS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>**

Pen Prizes:

* Pen
* Pen
* Pen
* Pen

Thanks for your time and hope to meet up with you all soon.


* P.S. Close to I-495 and has plenty of (Free) parking and (Pay) parking.
* P.P.S. A 5 min walk (0.25 mile) from the Eisenhower Ave metro station.



EVE is unforgiving – and that’s why I love it

What follows is a cautionary tale that I want to impart to my remaining two readers.  It is a tale that starts with hubris, goes through stages of boredom, distraction and inattention and ends with a dead ship.  My dead ship.

But lets start at the beginning, a typical night in our small wormhole corporation had started with copious amount of scanning, Teamspeak banter and much hilarity.  The map is broad and wide and as usual has nobody in it.  Well, except for a group that is sitting in their force field (yes, POS-es are still a thing in WH space).  Its a nice C2 with a high sec static and we try to coerce our hosts into doing something, anything by baiting with a harmless Imicus hacking their sites.  No dice, the locals are not moving and our Imicus pilot is pulling 80mil ISK out of the site.  Opp success?  Anyway, we are not going anywhere with this baiting tactic and more exotic measures to provoke a reaction are being considered, including rolling holes, shooting the POCO or the POS, running their sites etc.  The majority of our corp is based in the UK and I have to tap out for a bit for real life things. Continue reading

Conflict is life

The May release has dropped and for virtually everyone outside of Delve nothing has changed.  In Delve some NPC raid content is happening and just like all PvE content in history of gaming, everyone expects it to be “on farm” within a few days.  But hey, I don’t live in nullsec, so I don’t expect anything new to happen until at least winter 2018.

Back to the topic.  With the publication of the roadmap out of the way, the EVE community ceased to focus on hypothetical and large scale solutions and hones in on features in the game that could be improved in order to make the game more playable and appealing.  Upfront at the moment is the War Dec system that allows a corporation to initiate a time period where legal conflict is allowed between them and another corporation or alliance.  The target does not have to agree and hence the term “non-consensual PvP” is used.  Generally, the receiving corporation laments that their gameplay is now effectively stopped while the aggressor finds ways to maximize his return by wardeccing multiple helpless targets and selectively culling the dumb ones.  For the vast majority of EVE players, wardecs are useless at best and a nuisance at worst; virtually nobody sees the current system as adding satisfying content to their gameplay. Continue reading

All quiet on the wormhole front

Its been quiet on these pages and I have to assume that both my remaining readers have defected to more content-rich pastures.  Of which there are many and with great variety. which focuses on the great events in nullsec, Crossing Zebras doing excellent analysis of nullsec politics and of course the venerable EVE News 24 formerly a cesspool for pandemic legion and now a honorable news outlet for the whole of nullsec.   Lastly, the subreddit /r/eve is the de facto community hub of EVE online where all topics can and will be debated as long as they pertain to nullsec.   Continue reading