Hunting Blind

Its been 3 weeks since my last post and by now my hopes of attracting a 3rd reader are likely dashed.  I don’t think I will be space famous any time soon.

Well, to be honest, I haven’t been all that active in EVE for a variety of reasons. none have to do with the game itself.  Its just life, I am somehow experiencing a chain of “little things” that together keep me busy.

In EVE, I am shuttling between our home C4 with our “real” crew and our new C2 which we will use as a hunting blind when things are slow in C4 land.  One of the issues we encountered in our C4 is that we either find nobody, we find a single exploration frigate (though these kills cost me since I tend to send more money to the victim than they lost) or we are “found” by a 20 +  man gang who could wipe the floor with us when they sneeze.  Not ideal currently and while we all hope that people resettle wormhole space in the fall, my concern is that the emphasis on nullsec has damaged our life style.  Nullsec promises unlimited ISK making potential, scheduled fights with known neighbors and of course with no risk at all to the line pilot due to generous reimbursement programs.  All for no work whatsoever.

EVE Media doesn’t help either.  Nullsec is EVE as far as CCP, Reddit and Podcasts are concerned, all else is feeding into it.  CCP sees Nullsec as the only story driver for large battles that make the gaming press and hence every new feature and release aides in that strategy.  Not sure I blame them but other regions of space seem to be slowly dying out.

So with this cheery thought, I am setting up our C2, and I mean, I am setting it up dead cheap.  I have a Astrahus, armed and “ready”, I have 2 Drakes, a few command centers for PI, a couple of Ventures and some utility haulers.  I even brought in a Raitaru the other day for no good reason, I just wanted to have one. I always liked the idea of industry in EVE but I was never really good at it.

Next step is to stock the place with cheap and cheerful T1 and maybe a few select T2 PvP boats. When life in the C4 gets boring, bring my guys down into the C2, hand them a few ships and erupt out of our Low Sec static hole.  When everyone is dead and podded, my alts and those of other alliance mates shall serve as custodians to keep the hunting lodge clean until the next time.

Well, lets log in and see if there is someone we can shoot at…


One response to “Hunting Blind

  1. I usually experience the same and blame my time zone for it (late PST). It usually ends up with me being so annoyed that I take the bait besides knowing that there is a blob. But recently there is not even a blob 😛

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