Rubicon – Mobile Depots on SiSi – Metas

Just logged into SiSi and looked for new Rubicon stuff to play with.  I found the mobile depot (cool) and saw that it has metas already.  They dont seem to be on the market yet but here are the specs:

Mobile Depot

Ok, so this is the mobile depot.  With 50m3 it fits into a Frigate and with 3000m3 it should have enough space for quite a bit of loot and mods.  I like it, flexible.

Wetu Mobile DepotThe Wetu Mobile Depot is the Meta 2, a bit bigger (4000m3) but also a bit bulkier (100m3). I find interesting that the sensor strength jumped quite a bit from the Meta 1.  Does this mean its harder to scan down?

Yurt Mobile Depot

The Yurt is the Meta 4 – lots of sensor strength, same capacity as the Meta 2 but the same volume as the Meta 1.  What gives?

Sorry, I have no analysis, just observations.  But it seems to me that they are iterating on Sensor Strength, Volume, Size and Shield Hit Points.  I am not sure how useful the Sensor Strength will be – a decent scanner should be able to scan all of them down very quickly.



7 responses to “Rubicon – Mobile Depots on SiSi – Metas

  1. sig radius / sensor strength < 1.08 makes you unprobable to the average scanner.

    Nothing is supposed to be unprobable after incarna, however the odds of someone flying a maxed out scanner just to locate your home depot are virtually zero.
    Though the introduction of the new mid slot scanning upgrades with odyssey might have reduced scanning difficulty.

    • Thats good information. I didnt even know about the scanning mods until last week – used my midslots for hacking or tackling.

      I really want to like these Depots but I can think of a use case in WH space. When mission running in HS, I can see how they could be useful. Otherwise? All they do is to supply a nice warp in for a trap.

      • I actually can’t see their use in HS… HS is already full of stations where you can store your loot, mods, ships and can refit.
        In WH they’ll be used to “deploy, refit, kill, collect, leave” ops and not as long-term posts…

        • Well, not so sure. Mission runners can use them to refit right in the room for salvage and store the loot for later pickup. Much faster than docking and not everyone has a second account for a Noctis behind them. Also, not every system has a station, if I was mission running, I’d park one in a every mission system and fill it up with ammo. For nullsec, armor tanking ships need something to repair them, either local repair or a buddy. This would allow some rating in a passive armor ship (like my proteus), then quickly fit an armor repairer, refill on ammo and keep going.

          But yes, very limited uses….

      • It’s still faster to jump back a system, dock, change to a noctis, return and loot&salva with 50+km tractors than refitting your missioning BS into loot&salva setup and do it with 20km tractors, then refit back to missioning.
        For simple ratters? That may be useful.

  2. The standard Yurt is scannable and not that hard. I deployed one and used a legion with sisters combat scanners and two of the scanner mods. Even though I am terribad at scanning, still was warpable in about three hits.

    Also whilst the cargo can hold a frigate unpacked, you can do nothing with it. You cannot eject it, you cannot assemble it, you cannot do anything with it.

    All you can use this for is storing loot and swapping mods.

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