Attract Convert Close

The Hyperion release was successfully implemented this week, as far as I know without major snafus.  I logged in last night to check on my PI and noticed no difference in our C4 other than having a C5 hole (and a C3 and a C2, so traffic was plentiful).  I discussed some of the features here and may put up a second post but to be honest, our team shrugged and moved on.  C5 holes are pretty common for us and we have a doctrine to deal with it, the little Frigate holes are a different matter but as I mentioned before, I see them as occasional opportunities to mess with people more than a game changer.

And so we move on doing our usual wormhole thing, I a little less than my corp mates, Real Life is still impeding on Game Time.

So, whats next. @CCP_Fozzie was pretty clear in his interview that Hyperion embodied the bulk of changes to come for Wormhole Space.  He had a list of a few cosmetic items (jump timers indicated etc) but really, what we got in Hyperion is it for the time being.

I am not complaining.  I like Wormhole Space but I liked it before Hyperion also.

And thats where I put on my marketing hat.  We have a saying for new products or product features in our industry:  Attract, Convert & Retain.  Everything we do needs to fall into (at least) one of these categories or it has no reason to exist within a commercial environment.  If you look at Hyperion in that light and – crucially – from the Wormholer’s perspective, what do I see?  All features fall into the “Retain” category.  These features are geared toward existing wormhole residents to stay in wormholes and experience wormhole content.  None of the features is designed to attract – say – nullsec residents to leave their blue donut and settle a system.

Don’t believe me?  Imagine the conversation.  Or have it with someone.

Bored NS Resident: “So, Hyperion is out.  Wormholes, I heard about it.  I am bored with Null.  Whats new and exciting?”
WH Advocate: “C4s have a second static!”
Bored NS Resident: “whats a C4?  Whats a Static.  Does it make ISK?  Does it get me fleet fights?  Can I claim Sov as a person or corporation? Can I build something cool?”
WH Advocate: “We have frigate-sized holes!”
Bored NS Resident: “sort of like acceleration gates with ship class limits, neat.”
WH Advocate: “Its now more dangerous and tedious to roll holes”
Bored NS Resident: “… ok.  Nice chatting, hey my Cyno is up.  Talk again soon”

So I said that new features can happily live in the “Retain” category – its perfectly reasonable to formulate a product strategy to retain existing customers.  Mostly if you have a good base and the return on investment is high and you have competition coming in, then its decent enough play.

But Wormholes lack people and I had hoped for a feature that would attract (and possibly convert) new residents.

I am still hoping for something big to change our value proposition but I am not holding my breath….


One response to “Attract Convert Close

  1. I love wormholes. You’re right that the change was slight, and an inconvenience to established large corps. On the other hand, you crave migration INTO w-space when the conflict is much more diverse in how many ways you find it in Known. There’s a big thread right now on the Evo forums about Null changes by a PL guy that is being monitored. I’m pretty excited about that, even if I don’t plan on leaving FW for a while still. AF V in 4 days :). Good to hear from you still writing. Fly well.

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