Here is a quick screenshot of my CSM ballot.





You may be wondering why this eclectic mix of people and which order.

Here is my breakdown

Sugar Kyle.  I met her at a recent meetup event and I have never met anyone in New Eden so organized and clear in her goals and objectives.  She brings a great personality, maturity and experience of Low Sec which sorely needs help.  She is one of the very, very few bloggers who understands that there are people behind other spaceships and she cares about all of us, the game, the community and CCP. I could stop here.  Sugar for CSM.

Mike Azariah, I listen to various podcasts and his demeanor and unapologetic focus on newbs, high sec and “casual play” is what EVE needs.  EVE has become a lifestyle that – if done “right” is all-absorbing.  Mike understands that there is more to life that shoving pixels around.  Vote for him

DJ Funky Bacon and Xander Phoena are great communicators.  Their dedication to the cause is indisputable and with the departure of Jester, CSM needs megaphones in addition to workerbees.  I disagree with Xander on pretty much everything and think that his podcast is a boring, CFC-bootlicking propaganda machine but hey, he is active and he is talking to people.  I won’t look for them for new ideas.  I vote for them so that CSM is not a NDA-gagged focus group but a screaming voice of us engaged players.

Mangala Solaris is likely the most qualified to speak for EVE’s casual PvP gameplay.  Nothing will ever be like RvB, when Brave Newbs are absorbed in a Nullsec block and get ~serious~, RvB will still welp fleet after fleet of Atrons.  They and EVE Uni are the real door for newbrows to stay.

Ali Aras.  Yes, I dislike her whining and sometimes I think she is more an apologetic spokesperson for CCP than a representative for the players.  Maybe she was looking for a job there and I would not hold it against her.  CCP is a great company, so why not.  But as much as I dislike her style, she is a great communicator and cares about the game and the players.  She is not a bitter vet yet and sees the world of EVE with open eyes.  Noir. is my favorite corp in the game (outside of my Alliance, IOS, of course…) and I wish I had the time to fly with them.  Hence my vote is a bit of jealousy.

James Arget and Proclus Diadochu.  Well, tbh, I didn’t know if I should include them. They are nominally WH candidates but WHs have seen nothing in more than two years, so all talk about bringing WH candidates into CSM and then waiting for good things to happen was delusional.  But.  Occasionally CCP drops ideas onto CSM that either ignore the WH community entirely (deployables…) or are plain dumb.  CCP devs don’t fly in Wormholes and we can tell. I expect James and Proclus to stop CCP in their track everytime when they come up with some harebrained idea that did not consider us Wormholers.


tl/dr  my RL is incompatible with EVE right now – I am taking a break

My job is currently in transition which means 10h / day of dealing with chaos and preventing my team from falling apart.  That in itself is not a problem, I have been through a few of those phases before as I know most people have.  It just happens.  But when I do get home in the evening, I just want to kick back, enjoy some movie, eat great food and sleep.

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Life in a wormhole is rarely predicable which is both its allure and its downfall.  Pilots desiring content have to create it themselves and the worst enemy of a WH corporation is someone who logs in, looks if something happening and – if not – logs off and plays DOTA.  Wormholes are not like that, Incursions maybe or lowsec but we blaze our own path.

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With the departure of TXG to better and greener pastures, this blog will lose a great writer and connoisseur of fine story telling.  And while the EVE blogosphere is better for it, his departure will force my remaining two readers to learn about my smaller adventures, little skirmishes and mishaps on my way through New Eden.

So, lets see. What I have been up to?

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I’ve moved!

Dear Readers,

Splatus has gracefully hosted me as a guest blogger on his site for almost a year now. Over the past few months, he’s gently — but insistently! — suggested I might want a little room to stretch out in my own Eve blog.  Well, this weekend I finally have a decent break from our regularly-scheduled PvP operations, and have the time to honor his wishes and move out.

Thanks, Splatus, for encouraging me to get into public blogging about the EVE universe, and always being a friendly and knowledgeable voice on Teamspeak, guiding me in my early days as a wormhole virgin and helping me get a toe-hold here on WordPress.com.

My new blog location is http://txgsync.wordpress.com/ . Join me there!

Quantum Explosions! Part 2

Otterus Interruptus

Nylon Elephant interrupts some snuggle time between Mr. & Mrs. TXG SYNC

Read part 1 here.

I was relaxing at home, watching “Ender’s Game” on the big screen in my bedroom on our chaise with my wife on a Saturday night.  We’d just finished making out — hey, I have four kids, they didn’t get here by accident! — and were enjoying what was left of the movie. IM+ Pro on my iPhone announced I had a new message.  Raising an eyebrow at my wife, my quizzical look silently asked if she minded if I picked it up. She smiled and jerked her chin in the direction of my phone, indicating without speaking, “Go ahead, babe, it’s all good.”

Married for twenty years. Totally, 100% worth it.  Highly recommended.

My phone had one word on it. “Help”. I knew about the logoff-traped Quantum Explosion capitals in our home system. I knew the time had come.

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Quantum Explosions! Part 1

The battle unfolded as if in slow motion. The random wormhole chains of AdHocracy, Inc. and Quantum Explosion were both joined to one another through the Outer Ring Sleeper Collective’s (Otters) home wormhole, and the tensions were escalating between the large W-space entities.  It was clear a battle royale was brewing.  Scout ships popped on and off d-scan like fireflies in the blackness of space.  Our scouts reported capital ships aligning and staging to fight one another, with our home looking more and more like it would become the chosen battlefield.

However, with only a few players online and well outside our prime time, the Otters reacted somewhat predictably to the threatened violence: with curiousity and hopes that we might grab one of these juicy clams and smash it with a rock.

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