3 years in a hole

My main character was born end of January 2010.  He is not my first character (that honor goes to this one, whose log-in credentials I lost) but with Epigene, I explored New Eden most.  Like all good CCP customers, I have more than one account and a bunch of alts but I identify with Epigene most.  I’d rather biomass than sell him, that much is for sure.

Epigene has a rather short corporate history for a character of this age and on July 10 2011 joined the Wormhole Corporation : Z3R0 Return Mining with 10 million SP.  Oreamnos Amric and I made the jump together and we have been corp mates and friends ever since.

Our first hole was a C2 (the corp who owns that hole now is still in our alliance and are vicious killers at that) and we learned about scanning, scouting and running sleepersites.  We learned about omni-tanking and evading PvP as much as possible.  None of really knew how to do this and our corp was led by a highly organized team of director veterans who literally provided everything for us newbs.  Only much later did I realize just how much work they did and how much time they spent building this corporation.  Our CEO was mostly absent or flying in his own C4, I never actually saw him in space and certainly heard his voice more on his podcast than on mumble.  He made us move to a C4/C4 which was about the worst combination one can get.  Never-ending chains made supply runs brutally hard and we all got burned out scanning.

Orea and I blogged about some of the drama that our little corporation encountered, the moves, the losses, the thefts and pride of owning our own holes and – later – our own alliance.  Yes, our Alliance – Illusion of Solitude – is nearly 2 years old.  Born out of a tantrum, we emerged strong, slightly anarchic and actually very stable.  We moved into the hole of one of our Alliance corporations, a C4/C3 which is a much improved situation, every C3 has a empire exit, so finding routes is never difficult.  Our Alliance grew – against the predictions of some – we now stand as active as one can be in the middle of the summer.  And we are still growing, not a week goes by where a corporation doesn’t express interest in joining but our we are picky – only WH corporations who can hold their own are considered.  One / two man corps failing in their own holes and seeking numbers by joining an alliance may not apply.

Much kudos to our stability goes to Oreamnos who holds us together with a cynical fist, snarking at the lack of fuel in our towers, crummy bookmark discipline and floating ships in the POS.  Z3R0 Return Mining and Illusion of Solitude would not exist if it wasn’t for Orea, so if you see him in Local (which is damn rare for us Wormholers), please pay your respect and add to his bounty.

And so, I celebrate this summer two milestones.  3 years (Jul 2011-Jul 2014) in Z3R0 Return Mining space and in August 2 years of Illusion of Solitude.

W Space little Things

Apparently, CSM has a WH candidate and is concerned about to learn what our community would like to see changed in the future.  Corbexx posted a thread on EVE-O forums that is filling rapidly with - shocking – rational thought and good discussion.

I added my humble voice to the growing thread and copy my text below.  But if you live in WH space, go here and bring forth your wisdom.

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Independence Day

Today, we are celebrating Independence Day.

I did not grow up in the US and much of the spiritual meaning may be lost on me but I strongly espouse the principle of self reliance, political self-governance and economic independence. July 4th is one of the few US holidays I can get behind. It takes guts to decide to break the ties, it takes conviction beyond measure to free oneself of oppression.

Kudos to those who attempt, admiration to those who succeed and honor to those who failed in the attempt.

And since this is a blog about EVE Online, the game which is a lot more fun to read about than to play it, on this day, I salute all you little corporations, you independents, dreamers, pirates, and wormhole dwellers.

None of us will own ever own “Sovereignty” but all of us can go where we please.  None of us will ever be written about on TheMittani.com but any one of us has more stories of ganks and escapes to tell than the internet can hold.  None of us will ever fly in a fleet of of thousands but all of us giggle like girls when we whack someone* with three corpmates.  We will only “bend our knee” in order to place it into someone’s groin.

This day is for us, gentlemen and gentlewomen with dubious backgrounds and uncertain futures. It is an honor flying with you.

Happy Independence Day!



* our victim and I swapped EVE mails, GF etc.  We had podded him and made sure that has a route back in before we left his hole.


It is summer.  EVE is dying.


Yes, its pretty much dead.  Nothing ever happens.  Unless I play scout and hunter for my alliance Blackops run.  I am in an Arazu and gleefully tackle some N3 Ishtar only to realize that I can’t fire the covert cyno when my speed is above 500m/s.  Always read the users manual.  That Ishtar shoots back and I make it out in hull.  How, I honestly don’t know how.  Smoke pouring out of my ship, my fleet mates falling out of their chairs in drunken laughter.

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Narwhals ate my Tengu

Ah, finally a tale of PvP, its been too long.  I am no good at PvP, but thats what I log in for. That and my corp and alliance mates.

So, logging in finds my colleagues probing into our chain.  A Procurer has been spotted in a Wormhole ore site without mining lasers running.  He is 2 jumps over and so obviously bait that he may as well could have renamed his ship to “Look at me, I am helpless, cant shoot back, please attack me, I am harmless, love xxxx“.  And hence Falou and I get ready to do just that, people in WH space are rare enough and in the words of our glorious leader “never not take the bait”.

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My Apology to CSM

Just a quick post, I had promised myself to stay out of the most recent CCP debacle but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to do that.

Just as background, CCP laid off more employees in Iceland, that in itself is not note-worthy. They do this after shutting down World of Darkness, and announcing that they will be removing DUST as we know it and replacing it with a brand new game. Oh, and they will be adding an Occulus Rift game.

Some details can be found in a Guardian article, more can be found on EVE’s own Fox news.

Ok, so what?  A game company that takes risks, explores opportunities and gambles for greatness should be applauded, not harangued.  Too many tech companies rest on their laurels and get blown away by the next competitor that comes along with a better product.   CCP is taking massive risks and I envy them for the patience of their shareholders.

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Chapter 12 – Burned Flesh

This is chapter 12 of “Redemption” a fictional tale set in the EVE Universe.  Please see this page for more background on this story.

Preamble:  Years ago, my friend and fellow blogger, Mme Thalys inspired me to write fan fiction.  She tells her stories from the perspective of a hard-hitting wormhole mercenary corporation.  Among that crew is a rather colorful Amarr privateer who perked my interest and Mme Thalys granted me permission to embed him into my storyline.  I hope she likes what I am doing to him….

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