is nullsec calcified?

My morning reading now includes – a site that at least doesn’t claim to be unbiased, the articles are reasonably informative and neither comments nor articles hurt my grammar-sensitive eyes by too many misuses of “their, there, they’re”.  In short, its like reading “Bild“, a guilty pleasure that even the educated get away with occasionally – if only whilst pretending to “feel the pulse of the man on the street”.  Or some other trite analogy.

Sticking with this analogy, is the man on the street sickly?  Dying?  Dead?  The recent article Mittani penned himself (I am sure he has minions to do that but never mind) claims to be a snapshot of nullsec at the moment. He cut and pasted someone else’s article about WH space but the core of it is that nullsec is where EVE is played, all other sections either don’t matter (WH) or serve nullsec as supply chain.  And is it just me?  The situation seems to be fully calcified.  There are the CFC and the Honeybadgers, a bunch of failing alliances (-A-) and the Russians nobody wants to touch.  I know this is not to be viewed as an unbiased article but it isn’t the only one that pretty much states that the major wars have ended – nay, worse – the reason for major wars have ended.  Its like finding shale gas in the US. All of a sudden there is no reason to invade oil-rich countries and the entire middle east can go and play with itself as far as the Americans are concerned.  All participating parties have everything they need and want.

Its not that I care about nullsec too much but a bored nullsec population comes up with Hulkageddon, Hulkageddon for wimps and destroys the markets.  They make forays into lowsec and generally are bored and rather play World of Tanks or Planet Side 2 instead of EVE.  None of this is good.  I’d rather they fight some glorious war somewhere far away – war is the lifeblood of the economy and it keeps the trolls busy and out of my world.

How does it come to these calcified states?  Well, for once, mental and resource exhaustion is clearly one reason. Germany after WW 1 had to surrender because the country was literally bled out.  There were no more men to use as cannon fodder, no more steel to make into weapons, no more rubber to make into tires. Isolated, with its supply chains destroyed, Germany had to sue for peace – not because the people or their leadership wanted it.(1)

But in EVE, nobody surrenders.  Capsuleers just go elsewhere (World of Tanks) and the situations become an endless ceasefire among coalition negotiations.  The fights nowadays seem to be fought in unclaimable territory with silly amount of resources thrown into it – for literally no good reason.

Is the time of big conflict over?

Well, the goons and their peasants will have to take on the Russians one day – hence Mittani’s long winded and badly written statement that the goons shall not engage them ad-hoc.  The other possible war is that TEST and the Honeybadgers reset and start fighting the CFC again – I think it is more likely that some elements break off and and a mess develops in the south.

The last – and most interesting (2) – change could come from CCP itself with a drastic review of the resources in New Eden.  They could introduce other Technetium sources, change the sov mechanic to favor those who are active in a system rather than just claim it and change – in their review of POS mechanics – the way POS are anchored and destroyed.  That could – possibly – change the landscape of nullsec with the aim to foster more fights between smaller alliances and therefore counteract the calcification that the remaining large powerblocs have apparently created.

Maybe I am totally out to lunch here.  All I know is the “slum” of WH space (C1-4) and the one element of Mittani’s post is true, we never cared about nullsec.  And I still don’t.


(1) Many people believed to the end (and to today, btw) that Germany remained unbeaten in that war and that lost due to the evil machinations and backstabbing of traitorous elements such as democrats and Jews.

(2) “Interesting” is not the same as “good”.  Car accidents are interesting, floods, locusts and pestilence are “interesting”.  CCP’s changes are clearly interesting in that regard.

4 responses to “is nullsec calcified?

  1. I have seen a very different sort of nullsec life during my two weeks with Black Legion. Daily fleet roams, an almost 100% certainty of getting fights, motivated, skilled and cheerfully destructive pilots. Before that I flew with Bombers Bar fleets two times. The same thing was true there.

    Nullsec is alive, it just isn’t as far as the mainstream mass movements are concerned. They have sold it to their own recruitment pool that they just have to subscribe and will get ships, ISK and never have to bother with anything.

    That is simply not how EVE works, and the leadership of those coalitions knows that. They have played through the grind and they have built their powerblocs from nothing. They just choose to obfuscate that truth to fill their ranks, quite effectively too.

    In essence they just continue their online community in a game that features spaceships shooting eachother.

    I have seen nullsec gatecamps by Test Alliance which were basically just there as a means to socialize … they were not effective or efficient at what they did at all. I have seen Goonswarm fleets just hanging out waiting to be bridged somewhere and doing an out-troll and out-spam eachother contest in local. Every once in a while you lock up something or jump through a titan bridge and get on a killmail, but in the end it’s about the community which they have transplanted into the game.

    I have been around online since a time when you had to pass commands to your dial-up modem on a command-line interface to make your connection work. I have seen those phenomena come and go. My prediction is – and always has been – that those powerblocs will collapse once the avant-garde moves on and deprives their followers of the instant gratification fleets and safe space they enjoy without ever having done the slightest to stand on their own two feet.

    When that happens, CCP might find themselves at a real crucible, not only an expansion with that name, because then, subscriber numbers will drop by the thousands.

    My personal belief is, that – if EVE survives that mass exodus – it will be a better game after that.

    • It is good to know that null sec still has people in there playing the game and not just goons. Glad that you are saying this, maybe after my foray into FW, I come out and look for myself 😉

      I saw some posts on Jester about Aleks fighting down there, were you involved?

  2. I have oft wondered at how the born will fare when their time comes… Goons, TEST, CFC, HBC were all built by players who were at one time EVEBorn… and, as you have pointed out, they too, shall one day pass… leaving behind a legacy of what? Or… will the ISK generation mechanics they have put in place survive and prosper in the hands of the Goonborn… Great states, great nations are almost always the end product of one man, or at most a small groups dream… when the dreamer dies (leaves, rage and/or apathyquits) so too oft does the dream…

    • I agree, almost always. I believe that with the right mission and a few dedicated people an organization can reach “critical mass” and be self fueling for a long time. This requires hard work initially and relentless selection of many leaders – not just a couple – who are dedicated not only to their own cause but also create succession plans for themselves. The goons have done so. I believe that if Mittani decided to quit for example, the goons would keep functioning without noticeable change. If another game came out (say, Dangerous:Elite) and the goons would announce a mass exodus – I think it would more likely break the goons than EVE.

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