My Heroes

Seismic Stan posted a new Blog Banter – and its one that I had to think about a little:

For Blog Banter 43 I would like to invite every participant to nominate their peers for whatever awards you think they deserve. Let’s start the year with some EVE-flavoured altruism and celebrate the best and the worst of us, the funniest or the most bizarre, the most heroic of the most tragic of the past year. They could be corpmates, adversaries, bloggers, podcasters, developers, journalists or inanimate objects. Go nuts.

My year in EVE was a sea-saw between many hours / day with my corp mates to build up the Wormhole Academy and flying entirely solo for days or running out of skill queue because RL did not allow me to log in even for a few minutes to throw something in.  In a similar vain, I have followed the community, going from reading 10 blogs / day to about 2-4 now.

This means, different blogs, personalities and stories impacted me throughout the year.  So, the short list below is the constant to whom I wish to give my personal figurines.

The Green Envy Award for things I really wanted to do myself.

The Green Envy for Mittani

The Green Envy is given to the person or organization that has accomplished a feat that I really wanted to do before my time in EVE is out. created a solidly crafted community site with high quality standards on writing and style, with editorial oversight and very frequent, insightful, entertaining and controversial topics. It was what I wanted to do for a long time, building it as a an alliance project but has set a new standard in New Eden in planning and execution.  It is now pretty much my only EVE-related site I read every day.

Do I care that it is biased towards goons and not factual?  Its a game.  I am here to be entertained.  I dont go to Fox news and expect unbiased journalism, either.

The “Steven King Award” for contemporary fiction.  

You Mad?

This award to goes to my friend and alliance mate, Mme Thalys who has generated more fiction on her site than can be imagined as possible with a job, life and flying with a notorious mercenary band that requires (!) pilots to attend lectures.  Sometimes I come across “more polished” stories than hers but the sheer depth of her storylines and characters is staggering.  

The “Bulldog Award” for relentless pursuit of perfection.  

The Bulldog Award

A bulldog is reputed to keep hunting until total exhaustion and his jaws are said to lock on his prey even in death.  It can do one thing and one thing only and with dogged determination (pun & alliteration in sentence.  Try that at home kids) and fierce focus it has become the symbol of relentless pursuit of a single passion.  The award goes to pjharvey from  I have yet to meet another blogger who consistently writes about the exact same thing every day but makes it entertaining, informative, builds up tension and creates a story around a single activity, in her case “solo hunting in wormholes”.  This persistence has gained her respect from the community and we used to instruct our green recruits with the stern warning to read her blog or Penny will come and eat their young.

The  “Superman” award for perfection and setting examples.  


Superman is everyone’s perfect alter ego. He can do what I can do just better, faster and stronger. He solves the riddles, beats the baddies and with perfect moral stance embodies the “good” in all of us.

The award goes to Jester whose blog is a “must read” for every seasoned and new capsuleer, whose guides and  insights are the de facto missing manual of EVE.  Whilst he frequently stirs the pot and rakes the mud, he does so from a pedestal of true EVE knowledge and passion for the game itself, not for just one splinter group within.  I duly hope that he will never run for CSM but keeps them on their toes.

The End

By thinking about this list, I realized that there are many more personalities in EVE who affected me over the last year.  Oreamnos over at his blog who keeps IOS running despite some rough challenges, Skip, my friend at BWMT who keeps the flame going and never shies from fights and help, Evenstar who was our first recruit and now leads the corp we built together with skill and determination.  Red Necromonger with whom I commiserated since we both want to play more but RL simply kicks us in the nuts and Turamarth who has these burst of amazing writing and insights mixed in with his own version or pirate speak.

They all deserve awards but I ran out of statues….
Fly safe

And The Winners Are…


5 responses to “My Heroes

  1. Thank you very much for the recognition.

    As far as I am concerned, you are also a great fiction writer. It’s a shame you didn’t write something for the contest. I think you’d have had a good chance of winning a price.

    • Thank you Mme Thalys. I read some of the entries of the contest and was blown away and humbled. There is some amazing talent out there.

      For me to write is one thing, to publish is another. Sure I like the feedback – not lying here – but I actually write this for myself. Entering a contest felt “weird”. In addition, I am a guy and hence can not multitask. I have my story and I must finish it. I can not bring my brain into another story like you can@

      But you are right, I need to get back into the story. It needs an end within – say – 5 chapters. We need to talk about the last 2 😉

      See you in space

  2. Wow. I’m truly humbled to be mentioned in a post like this. Thank you. For whatever its worth, I’ve probably tagged your blog within the lines of my posts more than any other. If anyone is any anyone’s hero, you’d be mine because, as you said, RL kicks us both in the nutz, but you somehow find a way to keep dishing out great posts. Thank you again my friend.

    • Well, I think we face similar challenges, WH life on the skinny, then RL challenges (although my wife is forgiving, I have a 65mile commute that is not). So, to run an EVE career and a Blog is rather challenging.

      I joined Gallente FW on my main to get into more fights. Thank goodness, WH life has endowed me with plenty of ISk to flame off. I think I can afford about 300 frigates right now before I really run out of money. I am buying hulls from my WH alliance mates and fling myself with reckless abandon into the maws of the evil theocratic dictatorship or the disgusting vanguards of the Caldari industrial / military complex. Freedom reigns! (and yes, there will be a blogpost on that once I lick my wounds over my losses)

      Back on topic, I think EVE has enormous depth and with some planning and preparation can be played in a more relaxed way. I also think WH life is by _far_ the hardest. Basically every director of a WH corp holds the responsibility of a Sov-holding nullsec alliance. Lose the WH, run out of fuel on your towers and game is up. Its more stressful than anything else in the game, I believe and it does burn people out.

      Having said that, I miss the tight connections to my alliance mates, the stalk, the ambush, the crazy heart pounding when a hauler warps to a planet, watched by no-one but me. I love the smell of a PI runner in the morning.

      See you in space hopefully soon, you should join up with our C2 crew. They are doing rather adventurous trips to lowsec at the moment, using the hole as the jump point…

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