How does pjharvey do this?

Occasionally, I get the itch, disrupt my senseless standing grind for Duvalle Labs, I have no idea how to do that research agent thing anyway and I am just bored of the same mission ideas over and over again.  I miss WH space and so I scan down a WH with my trusty Nemesis and see if I can find some hapless PI runner or miners or something.

In this I follow every WH solo-hunter’s idol, pjharvey from but where she just throws out probes and helpless, hapless suicidal players fling their blinged out ships at her, I am slogging it out scanning down one system after the other with nobody home.  The last three days were no exception.  In the countless systems I scanned down over three days, I literally met 3 awake capsuleers….

Today I am camping in a C2 with a static C3 and a static High sec exit.  This means, I always have some safety valve if things get pearshaped but so do my potential targets as well, of course.  It seemed like a moderately active C2 and the C3 connection is pleasant – C3s being fairly active to begin with.  They offer – in my humble opinion – the best bang for the buck, still don’t allow capital ships, still have empire access (not like C4) but their sites are actually worth running.

So, when I log into “my” C2 and see a Drake running a site, I am getting that warm and fuzzy feeling. There may be a salvager in my future.  But after 2 min of scrambling around, I find the Drake happily shooting sleepers at an anomaly and salvaging at the same time.  He is not local, a day tripper or tourist to take advantage of the – for high sec – amazing riches that a C2 offers a Drake.

He also flies Warrior II drones and I have a ton of respect for them in my paperplane.  These guys outrun and out-dps me.  On this bomber, I have a single long point with 20km engagement range which is of course a joke for a competent mission running Drake and his drones.  I.e. flying into point range is suicide.

So I ponder what to do.  He is taking down the cruisers in this anomaly quickly but not amazingly fast.

Watching a Drake make off with millions of ISK ain’t no fun…

So, I decide to engage – but hope that he is straight stupid.  When he is about half way through the last sleeper – a battleship, I go to 40km range, align to a celestial, half my speed, decloak, target and put my sensor dampener with range script on him.  And torpedoes, of course.  And a target painter for good measure.  The idea is that he may be fairly damaged already and focused on bringing down that last battleship. My significant torpedo skills paired a target painter may make him vulnerable to be alphaed.  I guess, I would need 3 rounds of torpedoes at least but if he truly was a noob, I may just get away with it.  If he isn’t and comes after me, oh well, I just warp away, 40km, no Drake has point that long.

So, I target him and realize that this ain’t going to work.  He has at least 75% shield left.  And he is no dummy – simply warps off.  His reasoning is sound.  Where there is one Nemesis, other ships may be lurking.  He says some things in local and vanishes.  Leaving two cruiser wrecks and a few Warrior II drones behind.  I’ll have those, thank you very much.  At least some loot.

Ok, ok, so this hole has a C3 static. In I go and just in time to see a Russian Tengu  / Drake pair finishing an anomaly.  And no, they are not salvaging at the same time.  This means, someone has to bring a Noctis – which makes me salivate like Pavlov’s dog to a bell.

They finish the site, warp away and the Tengu switches into a Noctis.  Nice.  They left some Drones behind.  Oh well.  In anticipation of the Noctis, I edge closer to the wrecks and work out in my head what would be the best ambush.  Things take their time.  The Noctis seems to be cleaning out the other site first – means more salvage for me to loot after I pop him.  Oh, shiny new things I will buy and they will be even shinier with them inevitable Russian Tears.  Which taste of Vodka.  Did I write about the gas mining Russian Moa I blew up once?  Their response was nothing but excessive.  They literally mobilized the Red Storm with Battleships, T3, Arazus and anything that could possibly carry a gun.  All for little ol’ me in me wee Nemesis.  I felt all special.

Anyway, back to the Noctis.  I can see the wreck count go down and there lands the Drake.  Sure, he forgot his drones – no matter.  He’ll pick them up and vanish, right?  Right? Now is a good time… The Noctis lands.  Go, shoo – Drake.  Off you go.  The Drake flies drones.  And circles around the Noctis.

There is no love or trust in this world....

There is no more trust in this world….

Ah, dang, what is it with these people today. Is there no trusts among capsuleers? What has the world come to when not even the Russians let a Noctis salvage some sleepers on its own.  I mean, its big industrial ship, not some baby.  It does not need a nanny.  Go Drake, run along now.  Sing depressing folk songs, drink Vodka and stare lovingly at the a photograph of Putin or whatever you guys do.  Just get out of the way.

He doesnt.  Just sits there.  Until the Noctis is done, burps, rubs its fat belly and warps to its POS.  The Drake follows seconds later, both pilots change to some other ships and go offline.

Cool!  I get phatz lootz:  I grab the 2 Hobgoblin 1 they left behind….

13 responses to “How does pjharvey do this?

  1. The pull of w-space never really ceases. Day trips or solo roams in a trusty Nemesis are a good way to get your fix. Best part is, if the worst happens and you’re podded out, you’re just headed back to K-space where you already live. It’s so much easier than having to get yourself back into your w-space system, along with a replacement ship. I think I’ll follow your lead when I start to miss w-space.

  2. I’d say it’s pretty difficult doing solo kills with a stealthbomber, especially if you have no bomb launcher available. Not impossible, just difficult. Maybe try a more suitable solo ship, like a Pilgrim, Hurricane, Myrmidon, Talos or of course something like the Tengus and Lokis Penny uses.

    • True, a bomber is very situational. But it suits me well. My only source of ISK is ice mining and a little bit of low sec PI. Without sources of income, I am not risking my last T3 ;-). I had one stolen and one blown up. One is in storage, yes it’s a cloaky one for when I will feel more bullish….

  3. What are you trying to make with so many datacores? Passive isk? You can buy thousands in Faction Warfare with a day’s work in a cov ops t3. Hundreds off of just kills and lp rewarded there. Hop in, the water is perfectly boiling. We are 4 systems away from winning the war. Or just consider it a shortcut for easy datacores you’d be waiting weeks for on an R&D agent.

  4. Raising Standing to get access to Datacores can take a while unless you really got a solid plan to get it done faster. Your likely with much easier farming method that exist with Faction Warfare to farm them that way easier. Not that I’ve ever done it that way either. But like the other person already said above me.

    Going the R&D Agent route is harder. Lai Dai as a NPC Corp has 0 Storyline Agents as well. That makes it even harder to use a trick that I did to raise my Standing faster with R&D Corp like say Carthum Comglomerate with Amarr a very long time ago. Yet I do have a character that has fairly high standing around 6 or so with Lai Dai and raising it up to that level was harder when I done it to access R&D Agents, which was well before the Faction Warfare upgrade. That took me just a week.

    The simple method to raise R&D Standing or Standing fast with any Corp was to do the missions at lvl 2 or 3 but often lvl 2 initially and do them fast enough to repeat the 16th mission for the storyline missions. You gain standing in huge chunks faster with Empire and Corp. The trick also was to have it planned out where when you trigger the 16th mission as the storyline mission to actually do it where you trigger the storyline agent for the very same exact NPC Corporation. In your case that would be Lai Dai.

    And even that takes planning and a bit of a trick in itself since the Storyline Agent you will always get is the one in closest proximity to you when you actually trigger the 16th mission. Proximity as in the closest Storyline Agent from you in system or station. Now that takes planning and a plan to have had it all figured out ahead of time. But if you did that method you would gain standing with the very same NPC Corp quite fast while raising empire standing. But all you really cared about was the NPC Corp Standing for R&D Agent or Agents in general for like lvl 4 maybe.

    And at the end of it… Lai Dai as a R&D Corp for Caldari has NO Storyline Agents. Been there done that and did it already.

    • Yes, you have access to datacores fairly cheaply, but only 5, I think, of the 17. What I do is access a lvl 4 r&d agent next door for the few I need like rocket and plasma, and the rest I buy from the lp store. I bite the bullet.for starship engineering cores for other factions though. But buy orders at enemy faction high sec stations will get them easily if you have an alt, or crazy enough to do it yourself and outrun WT’s and npc police as a shiny pinata. 🙂

  5. Good information – I read about datacores a little bit and thought it would be like PI, a fairly passive but steady source of income. I did not realize that it would require a lot of time and ISK investment. So I may have to rethink this.

    The FW route that Oreb suggested has even more benefits. I always wanted to FW this out and was looking for a way to get more PvP experience as well. WH life doesn’t get you much of that – a lot of stalking and intel work followed by a very short and explosive action. FW promises more complicated fleet fights as well as 1v1 which I am likely terrible at. Thanks Oreb for sending me fits, I will check them out but likely start cheap with frigates and destroyers before I understand the lay of the land, so to speak. I even have a Vexor parked somewhere. How about some Griffins?

    • Griffins are great. Paper thin if you fly them fit for their role. You will have poor dps and end up roaming around saving peoples bacon from pirates. It’s pretty funny at best, but terrible for pvp experience dog-fighter style. Keep your short-scan to something nice like 14million and you can stay aligned out on the farther end of the warp-in at buttons. I have a buddy that plexes in a griffin and makes out like a bandit, but it doesn’t seem fun to me. But his survival rate is astonishing. A single meta 4 ecm griffin will last him all week and gives him the opportunity to help other players kill shiny pirate faction ships while learning them at the same time. A good thing with all these recent changes. Play it safe and the gf’s are plenty if you want them. You don’t have to look long for something that kill you in gall lowsec. Good luck. PS, the new 1600 plate 600+dps blaster vexor is no slouch in a fight! Remember to look at turret bays and that half of the shield pilots put on only long point. Stay out of optimals, Let drones eat someone away and add the sun to your overview for something to always be aligned to. 🙂

  6. hey-

    i keep meaning to get into a bomber like this guys(i will next time my Proteus gets smoked)

    check out his videos and his fits.Somethin to think about…

  7. He must be using offgrid boosting or some implants etc. Have you noticed the ranges he points his targets from?

    I do like the idea of a Manticore with smartbombs and active tank though, pretty wicked.

    • The smartbomb alone is a solid idea – it should get rid of drones. The Drake range I should be able to handle with a Dampener / Range script (comment?). For the point, it will be tricky. How far do you need to be away from your target?

      Overall, I’d lose the probe launcher but otherwise, this seems doable.

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