Big Boy Ships

So, I mentioned before that our mercenary outfit is deployed somewhere and is shooting at ships that appear red on my overview.  Thats about the level on intel I have but unless you – dear, smart and handsome reader – live under an asteroid, you know that a multitude of parties are currently fighting the big, bad wolf called the CFC or Imperium or (goons + pets) or – if you are Gevlon and for your sake, I truly hope you are not – Emporium.

I am sure there are good reasons to fight them but life as Mercenary is wonderfully simple, I fight them because my leadership said so and they pay for ships that I blow up in the process.  I don’t really need more reasons.  But of course in the back of my mind, I ask myself what the ultimate goal is, what are we really trying to achieve and what happens if we actually reach that goal.  I personally hope its not some crazy plan to eliminate the goons per se as their status as villain drives the narrative like no other.

Villains make the Hero

But like in the movies, new villains emerge faster than new heroes and I have no doubt that there will always be employers willing to part with their money in exchange for our mercenary services.

And as for the game itself, forum warriors continue to cry that EVE is dying, that there is no content and Fozzie Sov is bad.  I can only shake my head.  I literally can not log into the game without several active fleets open to harass our opponent, crush our enemies, see them driven before us and hear the lamentations of their women.

No, life is very good.  The mercenary outfit works like an extremely well-oiled machine, logistics and support are amazing.  If I buy stuff in a tradehub and have our logistics team haul it, it literally arrives before I do.  My only problem remains ISK and while I really try to kick-start an invention / copying business with the advice and support of my friends (Oreb, thank you!), time is the scarce resource.  I have no idea how the “serious” players do this but I have made zero ISK since ~ August when I joined the Mercenaries.  I think I ran a couple of Lvl 4 missions on an alt and accidentally shot all my wrecks since I was distracted.  As NA. pilot, it wasn’t a big deal, my entire Hangar was maybe 200 mil worth but now I am flying Big Boy Ships and throwing down a casual 1.2bn for a few line ships does hurt.  Even 4 years in WH space have not padded my wallet to that extent.  For now, I am good.  I have a few PLEX in reserve and sit on a whole fleet of very expensive boats that I don’t fly and which I could liquidate (anyone need an Onyx, 1 Megathron, 2 Domis ?)

And so my quest to get better at EVE continues.  I now fly Caracals and am sometimes one of many in a very large and complex fleets.  I sometimes even kill things and bring my own ship back. Shocking, I know.

The one thing I have real issues with is TiDi. In my past, I rarely encountered it, TiDi was for “those nullsec’ers”.  But now I am one of those and to be honest, its so shockingly bad that it can drive someone out of the game.  If there is one single thing CCP must fix before scaling, its that.  I know they are trying hard but its really holding the big fights back.

So, I  shall leave you with a screenshot of a recent fight which I randomly chose because of its nice Red/Blue appeal.  Only later did I realize that I inadvertently capture the self-destruct of a former Alliance Mate.  We meet again on the field of battle – EVE is a weird place.

NS Fight


3 responses to “Big Boy Ships

  1. Can you tech2 logi. While it lasts, vanguard fleets in Incursions will net 100,000 ISK per hour. It will get grind after a while – but like anything else, with good chat its quick times.

  2. It’s important to remember TiDi is better than the alternative. Did you ever fly in a massive fight before TiDi was added to the game? It because truly random whether your guns would cycle, drone would do what was asked, etc.. It was so bad even if your guns said they were cycling there was a fair chance they wouldn’t be.

    The scale of fleet battles on EVE surpasses anything else out there so it’s no surprise the servers struggle. TiDi lets these battles scale further than they could without it. However, much like traffic planning, EVE players will always scale until the servers are congested, no matter what the capacity.

    • Agreed, historically, this may well be true and the acceptance of the old guard is testimony to that. But new players won’t be as forgiving since they lack the historical background. For them it literally is “wtf, my game crashed”.

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