Sochicon – Part 4 (the end)

Alright, time to bring this story home.  Just to recap

One one of my mindless Wormhole Excursions, I found a C2 with a faction tower filled with floating ships. The locals in this hole evade my attempts to gank them, or, to be precise, I never get the chance.  My alliance mates decide that the POS is ready for taking and we bring a short team of Vexors out to blow it up.  We fail miserably.  Not to be discouraged, we set up a training camp on SiSi and optimize our fits and fleet composition.  Now its time to bring the hammer down.

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Sochicon – Part 3

Well.  Where were we?  Oh yes.  Tail between legs, ran away, even lost a ship or two in our futile attempt to crack a tasty POS in a C2.  We are soundly beaten and the local must have a big grin on his face.

But while we have a newly found respect for a Death Star POS (especially if it is fitted with all Faction mods), we are not giving up. The strategy of using Vexors Navy Issue (VNI for short) and their sentry drones is in principle sound.  The issue was holding the cap chain in the face of tons of DPS and frequent jams.  This should be addressable.

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Sochicon – Part 2

Ok, where did I leave the enthralled reader gasping for more?  Oh yes, my 2 man army camping a C2 with a POS so full of valuable ships that they look like a dense school of fish.  And we like fish.

If it was just me, I’d camp this frigging hole until I see the locals do “something”, anything, really.  I’d be happy to drop an Epithal, Noctis or whatever.  The flagrant display of wealth and the fact that the only 2 pilots seem to be online 23/7 is tantalizing.  They are watching me, but they can not.  They do not know I am here.

But it isn’t up to me anymore, my Alliance has perked up its unwashed ears.  A POS full of ships, a XL SMA in addition and a PvE carebear corp makes their mouths water.  Yes, yes, its a nullsec alliance with lots of kills, who cares.  Nullsec dudes don’t scare us. They need 100 friends on a gate and someone to tell them when to press “F1” – everything else scares them.  My alliance mates decide to put a second scout into my new hole, now officially names “Sochi” after the upcoming Winter Olympics.  With some maneuvering, I get one of my C5 crew mates into the hole, he looks around and confirms what I had reported – a POS flush with ships and sporting a “death star” configuration.  I mean, guns.  Lots of guns.  Its all “Darkblood”, towers and everything.  Someone spent a lot of money on this place, someone carefully runs this C2 and avoids all conflict, all engagement, all confrontation.

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Sochicon – Part 1

Note. This is a continuation of my recent post where I described my aimless wanderings across WH space and ended up in an interesting C2.  

Well, so I am back in my C2 – it is interesting because it has more ships on D-scan than my overview holds.  All PvP ships, some Industrials but no T3 and no PvE ships other than a Drake.  Best thing, there is only one owner for all ships and he is online somewhere.  But where?

POS Floaters

A quick scan reveals the static High Sec hole, a static C1 and a short stack of signatures and other stuff.  Oh, another C2.  Touring the neighborhood, I find nothing of interest and so I start making preparations for my overnight camp.  Safespots, bookmark directories etc.  Always prepared, the boyscout says after all.

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